It’s A Slow Dance Night

8123+Tour+1380286_10151867002930798_3748#8123TourMNL: My first concert in 2014. I was thrilled when I found out that The Maine, This Century, and Nick Santino are coming back to the Philippines. I didn’t think twice about watching the show. I just needed to find a concert buddy. Anyway, as January 12 was approaching, I didn’t really feel excited. I only felt that excitement when I finally bought my ticket, and that’s it. Quite weird. Then I realized, it’s probably because I haven’t been to a concert in months! (Well I’m kinda used to going to shows almost every month so..) Continue reading


Remembering LIV5

I terribly miss The Ready Set – not just Jordan Witzigreuter, but also the entire crew: Andy, Deryck, Travis, Christian, and Charlie. (I’m still sad that I wasn’t even able to get near Andy, Travis, and Charlie; and I’m still a bit disappointed that Jason wasn’t there…Oh, and I wanted to meet Keegan and Swanson too but they are no longer part of the TRS crew) Continue reading