Never Have I Ever Felt Like This Before


If you read the title of this blog post, this seems like something about falling in love, but not really. Just a bit maybe. Haha. But actually, that title kinda describes my life right now. Surprisingly, I have been stress-free since the start of the term. Thank God. And I have been enjoying my life right now – been going to concerts and been spending more time with my family and friends. Life’s good. Now back to the point…

I don’t know what happened to me but since last week, one of my fave bands, Hot Chelle Rae, has always been on my mind. Like, out of nowhere. I mean I’ve loved them for years but this time it’s quite a different feeling that I’m having. It’s like something just sparked in my heart. And now I can’t get them, especially Ryan Follese my crush, off my mind. And I suddenly feel the  N E E D  to see them live ASAP. I have been listening to their songs and been watching their music videos everyday, literally. I can’t help it. Then I suddenly remember how they are supposed to go to my country last year (or 2 years ago?) ’cause they were always in Asia and Australia and there was one time that a lot of fans started to created PH street teams which is kind of a “signal”. But nothing happened. Then just a couple of month ago, Ian Keaggy left the band 😦 I respect his decision but I’m just disappointed ’cause I’ll probably never see him. But oh my god I need to see HCR asap. And I wanna ask Ryan to marry me. And I wanna sing with them onstage. FEELS. And I really don’t know but it just happened suddenly.

I’ll end this post with their latest music video, Recklessly.

Blog Title inspired by the song Never Have I Ever by Hot Chelle Rae


If I Strum Chords, Would You Sing A Song With Me?

This is a photo of my collection of guitar picks that I got from the concerts I’ve been to. I know that for some, it’s “just” a guitar pick, but these babies are important for me because they are souvenirs for some of the best nights of my life. Each one of them has a different story. Continue reading

Just In Love With Joe

Today I claimed my prize, a Bench t-shirt signed by Joe Jonas. It was my first time to go to MMI‘s office. I went there with my parents. (I am so blessed and lucky enough to have parents that support my fangirl lifestyle). Ms. Joy gave me my prize and we had a little chat. I met her for the second time, because she was also the one who gave me the The Ready Set Meet & Greet stub that I won last February.

MMI Funny Mustache Contest Entry:

I was one of the two winners. Thank you to everyone who liked my photo, MMI, and Bench!

Blog Title inspired by the song Just In Love – by Joe Jonas