Attic Bazaar


Sparc Enterprise, along with 3 other DLSU Entrep practicum groups, joined the Attic Bazaar organized by the DLSU Business Management Society. Continue reading


DLSU University Week 2014


This is my last university week as a student. As far as I remember, my past 3 Univweeks have been purely great. But this year, it’s a combination of good and bad. Though generally, it’s more of the latter 🙂 Continue reading

DLSUniversity Week 2012 – Day 2 (LEAP)

LEAP – Lasallian Enrichment Alternative Program

I was supposed to get up by 8am but then again, I failed. Lol. So I got up at around 11am because my LEAP class (Accessories Making) is scheduled from 1pm- 4pm. I didn’t know anyone who enrolled in the same class.

When I arrived at the classroom, I sat near the back at first. Then I transferred near the front after signing the attendance and paying for the materials. We were asked to introduce ourselves before the session started. Then my seatmate and I talked to each other and I figured out that she’s a freshman – Accounting major but shifting to Entrepreneurship). I myself was a shiftee from Accounting to Entrepreneurship. And we both share the same dream, which is to establish a business. So we got along well. Yup, 2 consecutive days of meeting a new friend, and they’re both shifting to Entrepreneurship. How cool is that?

I enjoyed so much in this activity. I have been making accessories since I was a kid (when my mom’s friend gave me a bead set as a birthday gift many years ago), but I stopped when I entered high school. So it kinda felt like “heaven” to once again be able to hold some beads and strings, imagine a design, then work on it. Happiness. Aside from that, I learned some basics which I can’t believe I didn’t know.

You may not have the most beautiful raw materials, but you can be creative enough to be able to make a masterpiece out of what you have.

DLSUniversity Week 2012 – Day 1

So many good things happened today.

Last weekend, I went through a lot of shit, not only because of concerts but because of some other things. I have been crying for like 2 days. Thank God, today I didn’t.

So today is my older brother’s sudden flight to work abroad that’s why I couldn’t really sleep last night. We had a difficult (wasn’t able to study well) quiz but thankfully it’s multiple choice. Then while checking the papers, my dad texted me that he was able to get 4 VIP tickets to the Glorietta show of LIV5. Hallelujah!

After my first class, my friends and I roamed around the bazaar inside the campus. I found lots of pretty, cute, fancy, sparkly things! Too much temptations! I’m glad I was able to resist most. Haha. We had lunch first, then we were kind of attacked (in a friendly way though) by some groups of people who trying to sell their products like cupcakes, mango juice, etc. We just couldn’t say no. Lol. It was okay though 🙂 After that, we had another round at the bazaar. I bought 2 pink rings (1 ribbon, 1 button) and a big DLSU necklace.

Then I went home to get online and check on the winners of MMI’s contests. Unfortunately, the results aren’t up yet. So I just surfed the web, chatted with my friends, and took a short rest. When I got back to school, I had my last class wherein the quizzes where returned. The result is great 🙂

I was supposed to go home after the dismissal but I had to wait for my friend who asked to photocopy certain pages of one of my books. When I was about to go home, it rained, and I didn’t have my umbrella with me. I had to wait because my parents aren’t at home. I was about to go to the CyberNook at the library but instead I stopped by the chapel beside it.

Afterwards, I just didn’t know what to do. I was alone, it was raining, I didn’t know where to go. So I just roamed around the campus and then I saw these A++ cosplayers! I was so amazed. So sad that I didn’t have my camera with me. While waiting for the rain to stop, I felt hungry so I bought a pack of crinkles then I took a seat at the Central Plaza where the Cosplay Event will occur. I seated beside this girl who was also alone. When the show started we were both making side comments and laughing together. Afterwards, we tried to get to know each other, like we asked for our names, courses, ID numbers, etc. It turns out that she’s shifting to my course! So we talked about a lot of things including our dreams. It was so fun that for one period of the show, we were just talking to each other. The show was awesome though. I mean, I have no words to describe the costumes, and I’m sure they all did a whole lot of effort in them. But nothing beats the Superman, Iron Man, Jack Sparrow, and the others. They are so cooooool. Oh, and Superman sang too! Haha. He was mesmerizing. Lol. In addition, some students also had their special numbers like singing and dancing. One of my favorite performances was the dance by this guy (solo flight!) with the super cute music!

Hmmm. As much as I want to, I wasn’t able to finish the show. My new friend, Kat, had to go home so I was alone again and I’m starting to feel tired. Then my parents told me that they can now fetch me, so I went home already. BUT the moment I got to know Kat a bit, I reflected on this story that I just saw in Facebook like 1 or 2 days ago – the one where this guy had such a bad day and he asked God why this and that happened. And I think, God really delayed me from going home so that I can meet this girl. I really hope that I was able to fulfill His purpose, I mean, that I was able to help (hopefully) my new friend by giving her information and stuff. And I really hope that we see each other again and maybe hang out sometime. So yeah that’s it.

Today was very tiring but so satisfying and fulfilling in a sense. I wonder what’s in store for Day 2 – LEAPxValentine’s!