Before The Clock Runs Out

The third term of AY 2013-2014 started on January 6.

Day 1 – Jan. 6


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It’s A Brand New Day?

As much as I want to, my 2014 didn’t start out great. I wanted to let go of the past (I had a really had term in the past few months) but somehow I feel like, despite that short getaway, I still have some bad vibes with me. Not exactly sure why. Maybe it’s just that I really went through a lot. But one of my closest friends was right. Maybe it’s just that I’m letting it take over. But it’s just so hard okay. Continue reading

Sparc Watch

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Sparc Watch is a result of a group’s vision to provide Filipinos and the rest of the world a line of unique, trendy, and affordable watches. This product is conceptualized and designed by 5 Entrepreneurship students from De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines. Sparc Enterprise is registered as a simulated business under our university. Continue reading

Best of 2013

2013?  Ahh. I can’t remember how many times I’ve said “2013 is such a bitch” or “I want to die” this year. This has been the toughest year ever. I think the main reason for this is all the stress and pressure I get from school since I only have a few terms left before I finally graduate college. Requirements,  paperwork, activities, deadlines everywhere. I think I also forgot the definitions of fun and sleep, or what it feels like. I’m not even exaggerating. I almost broke down a couple of times this year. I have been way too exhausted, stressed, and depressed. In short, 2013 is definitely not my year.

But then, while I was finalizing one of my final requirements this term, I decided to scroll down my Facebook profile (Well, I needed a short break). Then I realized, 2013 is not that terrible at all (But it’s still bad). I saw photos from months ago and remembered some of the good things that happened this year. Then I decided to compile the photos and summarize them ’cause I think it’s a good idea, not only for this blog, but also to remind myself of the good things also. So here goes. Continue reading