Attic Bazaar


Sparc Enterprise, along with 3 other DLSU Entrep practicum groups, joined the Attic Bazaar organized by the DLSU Business Management Society. Continue reading


Meet Me In The Middle

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After stalking the bands, Gem, Trish, Pauline, and I went to Glorietta to have lunch and also rest for a while. When it was already 4pm, we went to Greenbelt Park which is the venue for the Meet & Greet for This Century, Riley Hawk, Before Your Exit, Mayday Parade, and Yellowcard. Continue reading

Maybe You Just Like Me Better Undercover

Today is my second attempt to stalk my favorite bands. I really wanted to do this because I really love the bands on the line up. I told my parents about it and they didn’t say yes or no. They just asked who I’m going with, and if they are going to fetch me here. (Yes, they don’t allow me to take a cab alone). Thank God my friend Gem lives near my place. So we met at the lobby of our condo around 9am. Then we took the cab on the way to Intercon. I was so nervous because the last time we went there to see the LIV5 bands, we weren’t allowed to go in and we had unpleasant interactions with the guards. I will no longer talk about that shizz in this post. Continue reading

Can We Push Push Push Rewind?

Despite all the bad things that happened to me this year, 2012 is so far the best year of my life – not only because of all the concerts I went to and all the musicians I met, but also because of other things that happened to me. Anyway, here’s a flashback of the events I went to this year! Continue reading