This day – not only will I be able to watch The 1975 but I will also be reunited with 2 of my closest fangirl friends.

I arrived at Glorietta 3 hours before the show and I was surprised by the long lines. Despite having VIP tickets, I thought I will already be at the back. But then our line is actually separated from the others so yay! I patiently waited ’til the security people let us in. Voila! Front row!

Okay so I admit I’m not that much of a fan to deserve being in the front row, but when you get such opportunity, you freaking take it! Plus I’m a short person so I really needed to be in front. Anyway, my mom went to the mall with me and she’s holding the 3 tickets for my other friends




One of the official photographers took a picture of us in front 🙂

A couple of minutes later, Iza arrived, and then Katty. They were already at the 2nd and 3rd row since there were already little girls around. Honestly, I felt quite awkward at first haha I’m not exactly sure why but I think it’s because we haven’t seen each other in a long time! We took selfies with each other but we weren’t really able to chat while waiting because of our positions and anticipation of the start of the show.

As usual, a short video was shown before the start of the show – a video summarizing some of the bands that have played at the Ayala malls in the past. And HOLY CRAP The Ready Set was included in the video!!! I totally didn’t expect that because the last time I watched an Ayala mall show, TRS wasn’t there. So I freaking screamed my lungs out and it totally set the mood for me.

Hmm.. I don’t have much to say about the concert so I’ll keep this blog post shorter than the usual and just put lots of photos.




(photo credit: Ysa Angulo)










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