So Much For My Happy Ending

Avril Lavigne Live In Manila: February 17, 2014


I originally didn’t plan to watch Avril’s concert in Manila but since Selena Gomez’ show was cancelled, I thought maybe I’d see her. I’m not really a huge fan (My brother’s the bigger fan) but I thought it’d be cool if I went to this show.


I asked my parents for an Upper Box A ticket (that’s the cheapest ticket with reserved seats) but my mom said to just buy a Lower Box ticket so that I’d have a better view. So that’s what I got. I didn’t have a concert buddy so I planned to watch this show alone. But my parents wouldn’t let. My dad told me to get two tickets and we’ll both watch. That would be his late Valentine’s treat for me  ♥ Unfortunately, the show was on a Monday and he wasn’t available. But it’s okay ’cause my mom can go with me. But honestly, I know myself either one of them would enjoy the show. I mean, they know Avril but it’s just that they wouldn’t go to the show if not for me. So I kinda felt bad and felt that we wasted money. But then they wouldn’t let me go alone so we have no choice.

I dislike Araneta Coliseum because it’s hard and expensive for us to commute going there, if my dad is not available to drive us. A lot of taxi drivers refuse to take us there and if they did, they would charge us extra. MOA Arena is more convenient for me. Anyway, here’s a selfie I took on the way to the venue 🙂


We went to the venue hours earlier because we don’t wanna get caught in traffic. There’s a small mall, Gateway, beside the venue so we stayed there first. My mom and I bought matching pink shirts haha. Then we had early dinner.


And of course I just needed to have a photo with the giant poster.


And here’s my mom with Lionel Richie. I’ve never seen her fangirl like this. As soon as I told her that this dude is coming to Manila she freaked out and started singing his songs as I dictated those that are listed along with the announcement. Haha. His show is also a day after my mom’s birthday!


Wow! We have a lovely spot!!!





I took several videos using my phone but I haven’t uploaded them in YouTube so I can’t post them here lol. So I just posted some photos here.


I hate to say this but I am not amazed by the concert. I think this is the most boring show I’ve ever been to. I actually want our money back. First of all, there’s not much fan interaction. All I heard her say was “Thank you, Manila” and “I love you, Manila”. And that’s it. There’s nothing extraordinary about the show except the lights. She was just singing and walking around the stage. I did not enjoy it. I sang along and jumped to the songs but there’s something lacking about the show. As I said, the only thing I enjoyed in the show is the lights. Plus the fact that Chad Kroeger went out to sing Let Me Go with his wife.







Merch was also expensive. But I always needed to buy a tour shirt that says “Manila” at the back.





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