DLSU University Week 2014


This is my last university week as a student. As far as I remember, my past 3 Univweeks have been purely great. But this year, it’s a combination of good and bad. Though generally, it’s more of the latter πŸ™‚


Sparc Enterprise poster (IG/Twitter: @sparcwatch | FB.com/SparcWatches)

Being a graduating Entrepreneurship student who is in her practicum phase, I, along with my other Entrep classmates, applied as concessionaires for this year’s UnivWeek Bazaar: Animonanza. This is exciting for me because I am confident that we will be able to sell well in this bazaar. I am aware that a lot of female Lasallians really save up and prepare for the univweek bazaar. I myself shop a lot during this bazaar haha. I was also excited because Univweek is a celebration. Even though we still have regular classes (except for the LEAP day), this is a fun week because there are lots of programs and shops and other fun things. However, reality bites when you’re an entrepreneur.


Some of our available products; initial booth location @ Velasco walk

Just like what my father has told me, and what I have also observed myself, businessmen need to work more during the holidays (like Christmas) because that’s when they earn a lot of money. “There are no holidays in business” just like what some of my professors say.Β So where am I going with this? Well, I just realized once again that I need to make lot of sacrifices in order to attain my goals in life. Okay, so I think I’m getting deep here haha. To put it in a simpler way: I got kinda pissed off because instead of enjoying the Animo vibes around the campus, I’m stuck in our booth. I’m the one with the least number of classes in the group, so in short, I have to represent our group in manning the shared booth in a lot of timeslots (though I appreciate that some of my groupmates try to the hours equal). It’s very tiring and exhausting. But then it was all worth it since we sold a lot during the bazaar! Our February sales report is gonna look good compared to the previous months yay!

Day 1: February 10, 2014

My class ended at 11:10 so I manned the booth the entire afternoon.


Me and our shared booth (Sparc Enterprise, Steen Enterprise, Wearables Inc., Cover-ups Clothing)


Thea Leong, Thea Valle, Thea Cua


We looked like the Powerpuff Girls! Hahaha πŸ™‚


Beef, me, Kath, Thea. Beef always wear that costume in school and I still don’t know why so don’t ask me. Haha.


Me and my favorite Entrep girls!


Playing around the booth using Thea Leong’s monopod!


Love this girl!

This day was exhausting but it ended great because we roamed around the bazaar during the evening and we had dinner at Papa John’s!


Me, Thea L., Lea & V



And here’s my 1st day haul! I’ve always wanted to buy myself some flower crowns. I’ve seen a lot on Instagram but I was hesitant to buy because I wanted to see the actual product first and I was worried that it’d be too big for my head. So I’m glad there were a lot being sold in school and some of them are adjustable!


Day 2: February 11, 2014

One day during UnivWeek is dedicated for LEAP (Lasallian Enrichment Alternative Program). Students do not have regular classes this day, instead, they are highly encouraged to enroll and attend a seminar/workshop/fieldtrip of their choice. This year I enrolled in a Time Management seminar. It’s one thing that I badly needed lol. I had no idea who our two guest speakers were but I realized they were popular hosts. Actually I was late for a few minutes ’cause I thought it will start by 9:30am, but it was actually 9am! Hahaha. Thankfully when I got inside the room, a student representative was still introducing our first speaker.


The first speaker was Ms. Valerie Tan (right). She’s a tv host in Solar if I remember it right (though I’m not quite sure). Her talk was short but informative. The next speaker was Ms. Janeena Chan (left). She was very prepared for this seminar (she has a PPT presentation) and her talk was just SO inspiring. She’s a full-time student at Ateneo and yet she is doing A LOT of things like I don’t really know where she gets all that time and energy like oh my god. At that young age (of 20 I think) she has achieved an unbelievable amount of things already like my jaw dropped while she was talking about the things she has accomplished omfg. She did the High School Musical play before, she hosts, she has some tv segments, she’s also a model, she also sings in commercials etc etc. Wow. Just wow. I can’t even. This session is a wake up call.

And my LEAP seminar is done so I had to go back to manning our booth. Here’s 4/5 of Team Sparc.



Later that day I bumped into some of my college BFFs and we hung out for a while πŸ™‚


(Christian, Belle, me, Agnes)


Selfie of tired me just before we packed up our stuff


Day 2 Haul! πŸ™‚

Day 3: February 12, 2014

Nothing much significant happened in the third day except bumping into one of my former classmates, KC πŸ™‚ I met her in my BUCOTAX class during the first day. We entered the room almost at the same time. We were early and there were not much people in class that day so asked each other if we were in the same class. Well it all started with smiling at each other haha. We then talked a bit and we just clicked πŸ™‚ We didn’t get to see each other that much after that term but it’s always a good time whenever we randomly see each other at school. There’s just something magical that I find between our friendship.


Here’s my day 3 haul: tank tops & crop tops! Lol.


Day 4: February 13, 2014

Today I got a little bit pissed off because after my class at 9:30am, I went to our booth and guess was it was totally empty! I totally freaked out ’cause all the other booth are already set up and we’re not. I tried to keep myself cool ’cause I didn’t want my day to get ruined (it was still early). I just thought of the fact that it’s hard to wake up early and I myself have the same problem. So I just brought all of our inventories to the booth, with the help of our nice secretary Kuya Paras who volunteered to carry the big bags. After setting up the booth, one of my groupmates and I left school to buy more raw materials for the next production. It was VERY tiring. When I got home at around 2:30pm, I needed to take a shower ’cause I am sooo dirty. Then I realized I haven’t had lunch yet haha. So I went back to school, had lunch and went back to our booth.


I left school at around 6pm and here’s what I saw at the Henry Sy lobby. I thought they were just preparing for tomorrow event but when I got home I saw on Instagram that there’s some kind of competition there and some local artists are the judges.


Day 4 haul! I can’t get enough of flower hair accessories! Hahaha. Also I looooove this shirt!


Day 5: February 14, 2014

Today is the highlight day of the UnivWeek. Outsiders are welcome to enter the campus to celebrate with us, and there is also a huge concert until midnight! Here’s the poster πŸ™‚


Great lineup, right? πŸ˜€

Here’s me earlier that day πŸ™‚



Me and Matthew manning the booth


Agnes, Pat & me


Flower crown selfie πŸ™‚


Free New Zealand Natural ice cream! I thought I’d run out because of the long line but thanks to NZN for having sufficient stocks!!!


Entrep students manning our booth that was moved to the Central Plaza for the last 2 days of UnivWeek


3/5 of Team Sparc


Suits him well!!! HAHAHA.


Chris & I & his Jungle Juice lol


Fooling around SJ walk while waiting for Belle πŸ™‚


Split Pic is such a cool app! Thanks Pat for this photo! πŸ™‚


Belle & I






Bumped into some of my closest blockmates!


Finally got a photo with our block president before we graduate! Haha.


AnimusikaΒ with my college BFFs! Wish the other Chris was with us



Panorama shot πŸ˜€




Boys Night Out


Calla Lilly




Parokya ni Edgar


Parokya ni Edgar with a lucky fangirl! πŸ™‚

I didn’t have photos of all bands but I got some video clips over at my Instagram (@Thea_17Forever) and I’m not sure how to put it here haha. After the show, the crowd rushed to the grounds then there were drum rolls followed by the DLSU chants and then our school song then finally, fireworks!!!

We went back to Agnes’ locker at Yuch to get our stuff




We had dinner afterwards at Beach and had a few drinks to celebrate Pat’s graduation! It was my first time to go to that place lol.

Also, here’s my Day 5 haul! Hahaha. The chocolates were from my guy groupmate! He also gave some to our other girl groupmate. Sweet! πŸ™‚


Day 6: February 15, 2014

Today is the last day of the UnivWeek. There are not much students because it’s a Saturday and the programs this day are mostly for parents and alumni. We still sold our stuff this day but I didn’t man the booth ’cause I was so tired already from the previous night.

Then the 4/5 of the group had a meeting. We assessed our previous performance and planned for upcoming production πŸ™‚



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