It’s A Slow Dance Night

8123+Tour+1380286_10151867002930798_3748#8123TourMNL: My first concert in 2014. I was thrilled when I found out that The Maine, This Century, and Nick Santino are coming back to the Philippines. I didn’t think twice about watching the show. I just needed to find a concert buddy. Anyway, as January 12 was approaching, I didn’t really feel excited. I only felt that excitement when I finally bought my ticket, and that’s it. Quite weird. Then I realized, it’s probably because I haven’t been to a concert in months! (Well I’m kinda used to going to shows almost every month so..)


I wore my This Century shirt which I bought at Circuit Fest 2013 plus my pink shorts and pink wedged sneakers. Yup it’ my favorite color. Haha. (Thanks Abbie for the photo!)

IMG_7564Here are some photos of me and my friends while waiting in line 🙂

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

We were let in at around or past 6:30pm. Kai and I sat at the middle farthest but highest row (Bleachers area). It’s actually not far ’cause the venue was small so we can really see the band members. It was the best spot ever. I don’t have to worry about being pushed and squished by fellow fans and I have a decent view ’cause I’m at an elevated area (Well, considering that I’m a short person). And here’s my spot haha.


Before I continue, I just wanna say that I’m quite disappointed because I ran out of merch. I really wanted to buy the 8123 tour shirt with “Manila” printed at the back. Oh well.


Anyway, I went back to my seat and patiently waited for the show to start. That’s when I started to really feel the excitement. I see happy fangirls and fanboys everywhere, and also lots of cameras as this event is gonna be filmed for a dvd. Yay!


Finally, Nick Santino took the stage. And I fucking screamed as loud as I can. The fangirl inside of me has awakened. Hahaha. He played an acoustic set (The Northern Wind wasn’t with him LOL). He played his new songs. And the crowd was relatively dead because most of us don’t know his new songs (Sorry Nick. We love you) BUT THEN he played an ARTTM song – Baby Blue Eyes. Then oh my god the entire crowd was singing along and it’s one of the most beautiful things ever (LIV5 feels oh my goodness). I always loved that acoustic part of a show wherein the artist will let the crowd sing most parts. I can still remember how I felt the first time I experienced such – when Travis Clark (We The Kings) played We’ll Be A Dream 3 years ago at LIV3 held at the Ayala Malls. Aaaahhh. Now I’m starting to miss A Rocket To The Moon. I wish Nick played more ARTTM songs but well I understand that we all have to move on and he needs to promote his new stuff. This is my 4th time seeing Nick because I went to 3 dates of LIV5 2 years ago. After playing a couple of songs, the lights went out again.


After a couple of minutes, bam! This Century finally took the stage and oh my god I had like an adrenaline rush or something. Like SHIIIIITTT IT’S THIS CENTURY OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. I’ve seen them before but I reacted as if I’m seeing them for the first time. Kai and I were going crazy during their entire set! I’m proud to say that I know every song that they played, although there are 2 songs in which I don’t completely know the lyrics. They didn’t play one of my fave songs, Skeletons, but I couldn’t really complain ’cause I had an amazing time, plus I already heard that song live during Circuit Fest 2013. And well I just have to include in this blog how I almost fell to the girls in front of me because Kai and I were going really crazy during Slow Dance Night hahaha. I really loved their set!


Lights went down again and everyone starts to get excited for the final band tonight, The Maine! The break was a bit longer this time. Then the crowd was starting to get quite impatient. Then Kai & Gyanna started to chant We Like To Party until the entire crowd was chanting the same thing. And just seconds later, the band went on stage! AND OH MY GOD THE CROWD WENT CRAZY AND THE LIGHTS WERE FAB LIKE OMG AND THEN LATER ON THERE WERE THE SMOKE THING OMG! I WAS HAVING SUCH AN AMAZING TIME AND SCREAMING AND DANCING LIKE CRAZY. I am free to do so because no one was pushing me and I have enough space around me in my spot and my seatmates were also going crazy so IT WAS SO MUCH FUN LIKE YOU HAVE NO IDEA.


Also, I wasn’t really expecting this but The Maine fucking played Ho Ho Hopefully. I listened to that song every single day last month. I never imagined I’d hear that live. I have this thinking that certain songs can only be played in the US, or something like that. John had a speech wherein he said the gifts and stuff are bullshit because you don’t have to spend money to make people feel that you love them. Followed by “I’m saying all of these ’cause I’m a cheap bastard.” HAHAHA. At first I thought they were gonna play Forever Halloween ’cause John also mentioned halloween in his speech but they played Ho Ho Hopefully and I am so freaking happy about that. And I almost forgot. John changed the lyrics from “Together by this Christmas tree” to “Together in the Philippines” :’)


There was also a part of the show where John was the only person on stage. And he made a very inspiring speech. I got teary-eyed because, as a graduating college student, I can relate to what he was saying. I don’t have a copy of the entire speech (I’ll ask around who has) but it was about how people sometimes worry too much about what they’re gonna do with their life in the future that they forget to live in the present. This happens to me sometimes. I still not sure what I really want to do. Well, I do have a vision; a dream. But I still don’t know how I’m supposed to make it happen, yet. Then John started telling the crowd that we can do whatever we want to do; that we can make things possible. (Thank God the crowd was silent that time so I was able to understand it). Then John started to play a piano version of Into Your Arms and then my tears started to fall. But it’ okay ’cause no one can really see that hahaha.


The last song was the MOST BEAUTIFUL PART OF THE SHOW. There TONS of confetti. And it was just such an amazing view. I actually read that some people, including the band members themselves, I accidentally ate some confetti HAHAHA. But oh my god. The confetti, the lights, the smoke, plus Nick Santino & This Century joining The Maine on stage. It was fucking beautiful. I felt infinite.

And as my Twitter followers know, I have been live tweeting during the show (Well, during the breaks ’cause who the hell wants to tweet while the bands are playing). And just after The Maine’s set, I posted a short clip of them and then they retweeted me!


The signing session is to be held after the show. Just the night (or was it 2 nights?) before the show, the bands announced that there will be a free meet & greet for every one who comes to the show. HOLY CRAP. At first I didn’t want to believe it because it seems impossible in the Philippine setting, but then the bands already announced it themselves, plus Pulp Live World kinda has this fan-friendly image as a concert producer. And yes it really happened. Every single person (well, most, ’cause some people have curfews, etc.) got to meet every band member. The VIP people were the first ones and us Bleachers people were the last ones so we had to wait for hours. I’m not complaining though. As a fan, I want other fans to have a decent interaction with their fave bands too. And yup here’s the line:


Then my friends and I got bored already. And then what happened was, while we were still seating at the bleachers, some of the fans were shouting the names of some band members and the latter would wave and we’d wave back and scream. They did it over and over again until it’s almost our turn hahaha.


So the rule was: only ONE item for all bands. I wasn’t allowed to let them sign 3 different things (one for each band). Then my friends told me to just let them sign the tour poster. It’s a good idea but then it’s too huge haha. It didn’t come to my mind to just print an A4-sized poster just like what I did at We The Kings’ solo show 2 years ago. But this 8123 bond paper and my paper clip saved me! I clipped the two photos together with the paper then I inserted it in the CD booklet. So it’s technically just one item, right? Haha.


Ryan was the first in line. He was obviously very tired. He just kept on smiling and nodding. My friend Kai even said she noticed that he was kinda falling asleep already while hugging other fans HAHAHA. But then he said he liked my shirt (Well duh!) And well their pens are almost out of ink 😦 but it’s okay! The next person, is Joel. OH MY GOD I GOT STARSTRUCK. SO HANDSOME ASDFGDKUAHFA. He also said he liked my shirt haha and I kissed his cheek after hugging him yay! If I’m not mistaken was Garrett. And my moment with him was awkwaaaard. I thought he was gonna sign on Nick’s photo so I was like “Noooo!” then he looked at me and we had an awkward stare hahaha then I realized he was just gonna draw a fucking mustache on Nick‘s photo HAHAHA. Nick saw it and he laughed and said “Very funny” then I moved on haha. I’m a bit disappointed ’cause I could barely see his signature ’cause his pen was also almost out of ink. But I’m just focusing on the fact that I finally get to meet them. AND OMFG NICK GREW MORE HANDSOME FROM THE LAST TIME I SAW HIM LIKE HELLO NEW CRUSH.


So now I’m kinda lost here. I have a terrible memory especially during certain meet & greets. I tend to forget certain things 😦 Anyway, I went on to meet the other band members and I think Kennedy was the person whom I told about being retweeted by The Maine. And then he was like, “Oh, it was Pat. Go tell him.” Lol. And at this point I don’t really remember who I was able to hug or if I skipped to hug someone or idk I was freaking out on the inside even though I looked calm. Certain member of The Maine (I’m sure of John but I’m not sure who exactly are the others) also noticed my This Century shirt.


When it was my turn to meet John, he pointed (with his Sharpie) at someone on my shirt (the 4 faces of the TC members were printed there so..) and said “Oh, that one’s my favorite” but I didn’t notice who because I was looking at his gorgeous face and shit I think I forgot to hug him ‘CAUSE HE WAS JUST SO PERFECT and my love for him has increased exponentially after tonight’s show and my mind was just SDFAUHGAFAKGDSAKHD. I am surprised that he still has lot of energy by that time. And the last one was Pat and I told him about being retweeted and he looked interested to listen to me and that cute smile that’ll make your heart melt awww but then my time’s up and the bouncers are dragging me away from the table already but after getting my stuff at the end of the table I still got to hug him from behind awww Pat you’re such a cutie patootie you little sweet potato!! And finally, after 3 years, my Black & White CD is already signed!!!


The signing ended at like past 1:30am. I thank the bands and the organizers for giving us fans this rare opportunity. Also, thank you to my parents who patiently waited for me.

Here’s a video that This Century uploaded about their trip to the Philippine 🙂

Here are some really cool photos I saw on the internet with the hashtag #8123tourMNL. I do NOT own any of the next photos.

01 02 03

photo 5 (1) 04 05 06 07


photo 3 (1)

photo 4 (1)

photo 1

Blog Title inspired by the song Slow Dance Night by This Century


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