How Will I Know If I Let You Go?


For the second time, I saw one of my childhood crushes Shane Filan, former frontman of Westlife, in person. The first time I saw him was two years ago, September 29, 2011 when Westlife held a show at Araneta Coliseum. Just a little flashback, I watched this show with my dad and we only watched from the Upper Box section because I bought a VIP ticket to another show which was held exactly a week before that of Westlife. This was one of my biggest regrets. I should have bought a VIP ticket to see Westlife instead of that other band. Why? Well first, I had a very unpleasant experience in that previous show. Second, I didn’t know that my childhood feels will be THAT alive. When I was around 4 years old, I was a huge fan of Westlife. I had their CDs and VCDs (with music videos) that I always played and I always sang and danced along with every song. I had their posters up on our walls (there was a store just outside our school that sells posters so my dad got me some). As years passed by, I started to slowly forgot about the first ever band that made me love music. I wasn’t even thrilled when I found out that my boys were coming to Manila. I didn’t even really plan on watching them, I just decided to buy tickets last minute. But oh. my. god. As soon as they went out on stage that day…my goodness…the 4-year old inside of me just lost it. I didn’t know that the Westlifer in me would awaken. I “thought” I was over them. But I was wrong.  I sang and danced like crazy and I didn’t care what people around me were thinking. That’s when I knew that I should have gotten better tickets, but then I just think of the fact that I had the chance to watch them live compared to the others who wanted to go but couldn’t. But just a few weeks after their show, they announced that Westlife will be having their last show ever soon. This shattered my heart into a million pieces. I hated myself for making a very bad decision. This was the worst and longest PCD I’ve ever experienced (I know it’s quite hard to believe but it’s true). Okay so back to the point.

Fearing the possible long lines on the event itself, I bought our tickets two days before from Astroplus in Mall of Asia – my favorite branch. Oh the joy when I first held these. I immediately sent a text message to my dad telling him that I already got our tickets, plus several emojis that symbolize my excitement haha.


It was my first time to go to SM Skydome. Some of my friends have been there before and they have told me that the place was small, with a tone of disappointment. Well, it is small, but I think it’s a cool venue especially for intimate shows. My dad and I were the last ones in the VIP line (although there are other VIPs who arrived later than us) before they let the Gold ticket holders in. We decided to eat first somewhere just outside the Skydome instead of waiting in line. And so, we weren’t able to get the best spot for the VIPs but it was actually fine with me. But because of my previous concert experiences (such as Circuit Fest and LIV5), I am starting to learn that it’s not always about being on the front row (except if it’s The Ready Set hahaha).

Here’s a photo of me and my dad while waiting. He always comes with me whenever I don’t have friends to come with me, and also at rock shows to make sure I don’t get squished again lol.


Sabrina, Asia’s Acoustic Sweetheart, took the stage first. She was the opening act in Shane’s Asian Tour. I’ve heard Sabrina’s acoustic covers and also saw some of her music videos before. I know her but I actually didn’t like her. But the first time I saw her, she blew me away. She’s a really great performer. I actually didn’t know that it was her because she looked quite different from the last music video that I saw haha. But as I said, I love her voice and I love her outfit. She was stunning. And one of the things that caught my attention is her communication skills.  I love the way she connected with the audience and basically how she talks (lol it’s one of the things I first notice). She performed four songs and I actually wanted to hear more. Even my dad enjoyed her set. New fan over here 🙂


And finally, Shane Filan went on stage!!! ♥ ♥ ♥Woohoooo!!! (Well it was funny because when the host first said that he’s coming out, everybody screamed and stood up, but then Shane wasn’t prepared yet and the host was like “Joke lang” or something like that haha and then people took their seats and did it again as Shane went out).


As everybody stood up, my view got blocked. But I stood on the chair so problem solved LOL. Other people did the same but the guards told them to go down. I think the guards didn’t notice me ’cause I was small haha. Shane’s Everything To Me EP was just released few days ago so I haven’t really memorized the lyrics (though I’m familiar with some parts). It was really cool because even though the EP was released few days before the show, you can clearly hear the crowd singing along (A lot of people in the crowd are adults, and I can really see myself in them a couple of years from now hahaha). And during the parts that the crowd was loudly singing along, wow, Shane’s reaction on stage = priceless. He was really enjoying it. He admitted that he was quite afraid of being solo but after this show, he is now more confident. And he said, more than once, that he’s coming back next year for his tour. AAAHHH!! Also, I didn’t expect that he was going to sing What About Now which was recorded by him and his former band.


There was a CD signing session after the show. A lot of people were bummed when the host announced that we weren’t allowed to take pictures on stage. I was bummed to but I’m used to this rule. It was hard to sneak a photo because there are lots of security and organizers(?) surrounding Shane during the signing. Only the sheet of paper inside the CD is allowed to be signed, which is the usual rule. The people in front of me weren’t talking to Shane, they were just smiling and waving at him. Well I’m done with that. I used to not be able to talk when I’m in that situation but well gotta take the chance lol. I said “Hiii Shaaaane” and he was like “Helloooo” then I said “I love you” but I think he didn’t hear it because he was busy signing the paper. Then he looked at me and he said “How are you doing?” And I was like “I’m good” and there was quite an awkward stare between us hahahaha. Then it was my dad’s turn. I didn’t hear what he said, if ever he said something lol.  I was so calm but the 4-year old inside of me was screaming haha. Then we had to leave afterwards. But I have to say, I really enjoyed this show. (I actually missed going to shows with calm audience, I mean no pushing and stuff like that).

So here’s my Meet & Greet photo with Shane Filan. No shame. Haha.


Here is a compilation of the video clips that I took:

Thank you so much MCA Music for bringing Shane Filan to the Philippines!

(Video clips to be posted soon)

Blog Title inspired by the song If I Let You Go – by Westlife


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