I Still Love You, Metro Station


The long wait is over. Metro Station has FINALLY released new music after all these years.

Just last night, Alt Sounds offered an exclusive stream of their new EP – Middle of the Night (Click here to listen). My fangirl feels were all over the place. Metro Station is a band that means so much to me. This band has a special place in my heart. So no matter what happened in the past, I can’t seem to turn my back on them. Few years ago, Metro Station was disbanded and it broke my heart. Blake got married. Filipino drummer¬†Ant formed a new band called Parade of Lights. Trace established his own one-man band Ashland High. Mason remained in Metro Station. A lot of things changed and I haven’t head from the band itself for a while. When people were finally posting about them, there were different information, so I didn’t know which to believe. Until finally Mason announced that there will be two new members of Metro Station – Cary White and (I forgot who, sorry). Then I started seeing photos of Mason with Ant and Blake because they were writing songs together. “The new album will be a rad one,” I said to myself. But then it was taking too long haha. Then Mason had some acoustic performances on webshows and had performed a couple of shows. I wasn’t sure if the two new dudes are now a part of Metro Station or are just touring members because based on my observations, I see only Mason on the promotional photos. Correct me if I’m wrong lol.

Middle Of The Night EP Track List:

1. I Still Love You

2. Barcelona

3. Every Time I Touch You

4. Take You Home

5. I Don’t Know You

Here’s the lyric video of Every Time I Touch You:

And here’s an awesome live performance of the same song!

My goodness. I need to hear those new songs live! I hope they come back to Manila, or maybe I would see them in the US someday (hopefully!)


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