Beautiful Freak With No Sleep


When I enrolled for this term, I actually thought this will be a “chill” term since I only have 9 units or 3 subjects – Business Planning 2 (major), Business History (elective), and Supply Chain Management (elective). But I guess I was wrong. This is actually the busiest and most stressful term EVER.

Aside from having to specify and add information to our business plan, we had to do a lot more – like personally visiting and talking to suppliers and subcontractors, going to different places to find supplies, etc. It is very tiring, I tell you. My groupmates and I also had to sleep very late because of deadlines. But despite the fact that it was very exhausting, I was glad because most of the time, EVERYONE in the group is online until past 2-3am. Everyone in the group cooperates. I mean, unlike in my previous groups in my other subjects, most of the time I am the only one who stays up very late. Thank God for giving me what I prayed for – decent groupmates. Yes, I really asked God to give me decent groupmates. I’ve had many terrible experiences in the past and I just really wanted to have responsible practicum groupmates since we’ll be together for more than a year. But then again, this subject stressed out the shizz out of me. Seriously. Especially when the product launching was approaching. We were having lots of problems because our idea is quite complicated compared to the other groups, like we have multiple product lines and different suppliers and subcontractors. I actually felt temporarily jealous of the other groups because their products “seem” a lot easier compared to ours, because the way I see it, they only need to come up with the design and materials then their subcontractors will take care of everything, while in our case, it’s very complicated. I think this post will be too long if I had to specify and discuss everything haha. We were also pressured not only because of the paperwork and deadlines but also because of the defense. We didn’t know what to expect. But then, it wasn’t that bad after all. (I will further discuss in one of my next blog posts). Anyway, as I am typing this, our term is about to end. I feel rewarded and relieved because we were able to get through all those things. However, our group shall not celebrate yet ’cause we need to do our final revisions, find ways on how to improve our product quality, and prepare for the upcoming bazaars.


Business History, on the other hand, is an interesting elective. Originally, I didn’t want to take this subject because I anticipated that there will be LOTS of readings here, but I was influenced by my practicum groupmates who planned to take this. Well, the subject sounded interesting and I thought I will have lots of time to read, so I enrolled in this course. At first, I thought this subject was “chill” because for our first few meetings, we were just watching this very informative and interesting series called “The Men Who Built America”. But then there goes all the paperwork…..ugh. Well our professor is really nice and approachable and I like how she explains stuff but omg please. As of now we still have to work on this final project (I’m hoping for extension of deadline like in my other subject). I’m quite nervous about my grade in this subject. Well I submitted all the requirements and did well in the presentations and our first take-home quiz but I screwed up in our second quiz because I was absent for 3 meetings (2 meetings I was sick, 1 meeting I was doing school requirements) and the coverage happens to be about the reports. Oh well. Still hoping for the best. But to be honest, I couldn’t say that I regret taking this subject. I know it’s very hassle but I really learned a lot in this course. I just really disliked all the paperwork.


I really like my Supply Chain Management class, or should I say, tour? We only had few class meetings because every Friday we visit offices, warehouses, and factories of companies, such as Unilever, Mead Johnson, J&J, and Lufthansa. Aside from that we also had guest speakers in our class. Our professor explained that if she gave us lectures, she will just be repeating what was taught to us in our previous subjects such as Operations Management, so she decided to just arrange company tours for us so that we get to learn things that we normally don’t learn inside the classroom. I really liked this set up, but then sometimes I just don’t feel like going out on a Friday since it’s my rest day or “me” day, and sometimes there are seminars at school that I want to attend. But I have no choice haha. I attended everything except the last one because we it’s in conflict with our defense. And I didn’t like doing reaction papers hahaha. I have yet to submit three of those. But then overall, I liked and I learned a lot in this course.

Back to the point. You know what? I actually refer to this term as “hell” term. Usually, the midterms week and finals week are referred to as such because that’s the time that we have too much load. But that’s me the entire term. I haven’t been sleeping for weeks, and for a couple of times I had 0-2 hours of sleep before I went to school. Haha I’m such a zombie. It came to a point where I almost broke down. I was too sleep-deprived, pissed off at everything, full of negative thoughts, etc. and I kept on using a set of morbid emojis when I’m texting my friends (face and gun, hand and knife, etc.) but I’m blessed to have an optimistic and responsible groupmate, Lea. She ALWAYS helps me get through my tough (school) times, since BUSOPP1 which we took a year ago. This sounds cheesy but I love that girl so much. Another great thing is that I get to fangirl with her! Hahaha. Anyway, the term is about to end. Just a little bit longer then we can all take a very short break before school starts again lol.

Blog Title inspired by the song Beautiful Freaks – by Hot Chelle Rae


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