Let’s Keep The Party Going All Night Long


On August 10, I attended FAME: The JPIA Acquaintance Party.

To be honest, I considered this party as a “risk” while I was making my decision whether I should go or not. Why? Well, things changed after our first year in college. I belong to Block 4 which was composed of Accountancy students. It was a tough course but we went through the hardships together. However, we parted ways after our first year since many of us shifted to other courses – Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Finance, Legal Management, etc. Honestly, some of us who shifted felt bad because we were trying to reach out to those who remained having a BSA degree but we felt neglected. I understood though. They were obviously busy. Then I realized, maybe it was time to move on. I love my blockmates so much, especially those I’m close with, but we have different things now. Since then, we haven’t been talking and seeing each other much in school because we’re all busy and have different schedules. Now that I’m on my 4th year in college, I suddenly felt quite emotional as I was browsing through our old photos because I had to pick photos to be submitted for the yearbook. Then I saw the party poster on Facebook, and thought, hey, why not make this a mini reunion or something? But then, I suddenly remembered some bad stuff way back, so I had second thoughts. But I really wanted to spend some time with my blockmates because this might be the last chance we get to really hangout (not only the short hi’s and hello’s whenever we see each other at school) with each other. I decided to take the “risk”. (I don’t wanna talk too much about it because it will be unfair to their side). And so I invited some of my close blockmates to go to the party, and I was also happy to read some of the comments on Facebook that our other non-BSA blockmates were also planning to go. And so we did.


The venue was at Icon Ultimate Club at Intercontinental Hotel, Makati. The hotel sounds familiar, eh? Okay you caught me. That was one of the things that attracted me to go to this party. Hahaha. To those who don’t know, Intercon is where I met some of my favorite bands. Some of them partied at Icon and I haven’t been there so I wanna see the place. Lol. I went to the venue with Marie, Mhage, and Hanna. We entered through the hotel because of sign-up booth is by the pool area. As soon as I went into the entrance of the hotel, I had an instant flashback of this day. DA FEELS MAN. DA FEELS. Okay time to move on haha.


At first it was quite boring but then based on my experience on the few school parties I’ve been to, the first part is always boring lol. It was actually a bit irritating at first because the place was overcrowded. There’s too many people. I literally felt like I was at a concert, struggling my way through the crowd. But then later on, as we start to see our other blockmates, the atmosphere became more lively to me. When the program ended, we roamed around and we finally saw our BSA blockmates! We were all sooooooo happy! 😀


Well, I think that was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I usually don’t enjoy parties but I really enjoyed this one. My blockmates and I would go to the dance floor and then when we get tired we would just hang by the couches and take photos and just have a good time in whatever way we can. We missed each other so much. Aside from that, I really loved the playlist and how the DJ’s would mute the song in certain parts and then the entire crowd would scream the lyrics. AAHHH!!


Oh, and I took a sip of some alcoholic drinks that were offered at the party. All I can say is, “Ewww!” Haha I’m not ready.

Anyway, here are some more photos of us at the party! (Credits to my other blockmates for most of the photos)











I really enjoyed this night. I felt almost the same happiness as I get when I go to concerts. Is there such a thing as PPD? Hahahaha.

Blog Title inspired by the song All Night Long – by Demi Lovato (ft. Missy Elliot & Timbaland)


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