Just For Tonight, Can I Love You Like It’s The Last Time?


May 25, 2013 – The day has finally come that I get to see one of my favorite bands, Allstar Weekend.

I can still remember how I reacted when I found out about the news last April 12. I really freaked out because I couldn’t believe that  they are coming to my country. I thought this was impossible, but again, Music Management International made the impossible possible.

( Before I continue, here are links to my stalking experience and meet & greet experience the day before the show.)

My dad and I arrived at the venue few minutes after 3pm. (Yup we’re watching the show together). At first, it was a bit annoying and confusing because we have to line up first and exchange our printed tickets to real tickets and it’s taking the people in charge a bit long. But then I forgot all about that as soon as I entered the venue.  And btw I met Abbie (my fellow Adub* fangirl) and also her friend Leigh who I didn’t know YET that time, while waiting in line 🙂

(*to the others reading this, Adub is short for A.W. – Allstar Weekend)


A+ Dropouts was already playing when we arrived. I honestly don’t know any of their songs but I have to say that they are really good. I lost Abbie so it was just me and my dad again. Then I saw Ayna, another Adub fangirl, at the front part of the moshpit area.

I went out for a while to look for merch. I asked the people at one of the entrances and they were like “Anong merch?”. Sorry I find it funny. Haha. Then they just pointed at the booth near us, and it’s not what I was looking for. So we just roamed around. Then Ayna went out too and we roamed around the Open Grounds area. The only merch I saw were This Century, Before You Exit, Mayday Parade, and A+ Dropouts. I’m so depressed that I didn’t see the other bands’ merch, especially Allstar Weekend 😦 (I only found out later on when Abbie tweeted a photo of her Adub wristbands).



Megan Nicole took the stage next. I’m not very familiar with her and most of the time I wasn’t paying attention (sorry) because I was walking around the venue with Ayna. While roaming, I saw some of my fangirl friends who I haven’t seen in a while! (Me, Carol, Pawla, Carmel)


I went back to the Moshpit Area later on and I enjoyed the last part of her set.


This Century is next on the line up. I am very happy that I finally got to see them after missing ALL of their previous shows in Manila. They played lots of new songs and I’m glad that I already am familiar with those new songs, although I haven’t memorized everything yet. I really loved their set!


Oh, and when TC was starting to play, I saw my friends Josh (birthday boy!) and Angela! They were actually inviting me to go with them to the front area but I didn’t think I could get a good view there and I wanted to save my energy for Allstar Weekend later haha.


Next was The Downtown Fiction. WOW.  I am impressed. Cameron Leahy was just pretty wild and energetic! I really loved their set! Too bad it rained that I didn’t get to fully enjoy watching them. I couldn’t see much of them because I was near the front and there were umbrellas and tall people at the front-most part. I wanted to get wild but I can’t help but mind the rain because I quite easily get sick and school starts two days after this event, so I didn’t wanna risk it. The crowd at the VIP (aka Moshpit area) was generally lame, but my friend told me that the Gen Ad people are awesome! Next time I think I’m gonna stay there. Well, hopefully TDF will come back soon.


The much-awaited Before You Exit then took the stage. These boys have a really active fanbase here! They were the earliest band to arrive in the Philippines because 2 days before the show, they had a Pre-Concert party / Album Launch and a series of interviews, then Meet & Greet the next day.  I’m really happy for them and I can smell another show next year, or maybe even later this year! I just have to say that the crowd became more energetic during BYE’s set! And they also sang happy birthday to a lucky fangirl! Oh the feels! ❤

When the clock hit 7:30pm (BYE was still playing), Ayna and I left the crowd to ask people regarding Allstar Weekend’s Meet & Greet which is scheduled at 8pm. As expected, most of the security people don’t know about it, then there’s this person who said, “Mamaya pa yun, iaannounce namin,” so we went back to the crowd and enjoyed the rest of BYE’s set. Their set ended at almost 8pm. We were waiting for the “announcement”. Then we noticed that there are already groups of people near the backstage. So we went there already and I started to call/text Abbie and Kristen. Instead of being in a line, us girls were in a circle. I met Francine, and then we realized we are familiar with each other via Twitter, like we know each other’s usernames! Cool, right?! And there’s another girl, I’m not sure if her name is Aira / Aila / Aina ? But it sounds like that. (Too bad I couldn’t find her Twitter). We were kinda loud because we were excited that time (and I think while this was happening, We Are The In Crowd was already on stage). And we were just talking and fangirling over Adub! It was REALLY fun because I don’t know much people who loves Adub as much (no, even more!) than I do. I feel bad that Katty, my Adub buddy and co-admin in @AWphilippines, couldn’t be there 😥 Then the line started moving. I got worried because my other friend Kristen still wasn’t there (I was texting her but I think we weren’t on the same page. I was looking for her outside our area but I couldn’t see her 😦 ). Then the line already moved and my heart started to beat faster. We already went inside the black curtain and… OH MY GOD I JUST GOT MY FIRST EVER GLIMPSE OF MY BOYS OXYGEN PLEASE ASDFDSGHASDFGAJ.


I tried my best to keep calm while I was waiting in line and when it was my turn, as usual, I always get starstruck and forget what to say and I just couldn’t remember things afterwards. I don’t even remember if I was able to tell them that I love them! Dang it! Brent Schneiders ❤ was the first in line and my first reaction was OH MY GOD SO GWAPO ❤ then I hugged him and I think I told him I love him and then Dillon Anderson ❤ was next (and idk I just remembered his haircut song that time hahaha) I wasn’t able to speak that time because well I lost my focus already and then my baby ZACHARY PORTER!!!!!! ASDFDGAUFHAYSGD!!!! ❤❤❤ When I told him I’m from AWPH he made a bigger smile and gave me a thumbs up and I think I hugged him again? IDK I DON’T COMPLETELY REMEMBER but it was heavennnn (that time I already noticed that he looked tired but I didn’t mind because I was too happy), and then I completely lost it. I think I just quickly hugged Michael Martinez ❤ and Cameron Quiseng ❤ afterwards, and I think Cameron’s was the best hug IDK??? then I went back beside Zach for the photo opp and I hugged him and he put his arm on my shoulder and I was ADSFGAASFDGHASD and then after the photo was taken I KISSED HIS CHEEK AAAHHHH!!! ❤  And then I saw the woman in charge smile at me haha. And when I went outside the curtain, Francine and I were screaming like crazy, AS IN LITERALLY SCREAMING WHILE JUMPING UP AND DOWN AND IDK ELSE, and the security people were looking at us but we don’t care!!!



I originally wanted a solo photo but honestly, I wasn’t butthurt that there’s two of us in the photo (I’ll explain further about my feels later on). I mean, she’s a fellow Adubber and she’s a friend! I’m happy for both of us! And this photo with Francine will always remind me of how we reacted after the M&G session which is just SO awesome!! And then Abbie and Ayna went out and WE WERE ALL GOING CRAZY. AS IN. AND IT WAS SO FUN OKAY.

It was still raining so we stayed in our area which has a roof. It was on the side of the stage. I was still worried because Kristen wasn’t there and I’ve been trying to call her and looking out at the grass area. But when I saw her, there was no more line and I think the M&G is over, which is the case. I really feel bad for her because the main reason she came to the show was Allstar Weekend. I should’ve told her to stick with me and Ayna before the clock struck 8pm. (Later when I got home, I also saw a tweet from another fan that she missed the M&G. Awww 😦 And I’m actually thinking that there are more people who missed it because there’s too few of us in line.). WATIC was still playing while this was happening so I couldn’t really enjoy their set because I was worried and I feel bad for Kristen who was still trying to get to meet the band. Unfortunately, the woman in charge said it’s really done and all she can do was to get an autograph. I could no longer do anything about it so I told her (I hope she didn’t take it in a bad way) that I’m just gonna go check out WATIC since I’m a big fan and been wanting to see them for a while especially since I missed their first show in Manila. My friends Abbie, Ayna, and Francine were still in the same area as I am because it was still raining and we got a pretty decent view of the stage. I was jumping while singing along to WATIC. I just love love love them and I really hope they do come back (WATIC & TDF in one show please!). Francine was with her other friends. And I was with Ayna and Abbie. It’s really cool because I noticed them rocking out to WATIC too because they are too happy with what just happened and they couldn’t contain all that excitement haha! This was our view from our place:


Thank God there was a way to the front part of the moshpit area from where we are. I looked for Kristen first, who was waiting for the autograph. But she wasn’t there anymore. So I assumed she already went back. I know that she doesn’t want to be at the siksikan part where my friends and I are planning to go to, so I didn’t text her anymore. When WATIC finished playing, we started to go to the very front. Here’s a photo of WATIC during their short interview with Mark Salling (Some bands had short interviews, others didn’t. Not sure why). This time around we already got closer and still struggling to get nearer.


When WATIC left the stage, there were some people who went out the area. That made it a bit easier for us to get to the front. At first it was quite easy because taller guys were at the back part, and they let us girls pass through. I was never an expert at pushing people to get a decent spot. You know what I did? I begged people to let me pass through. “Please let me pass through…for Allstar Weekend!! Please please please,” I kept on saying. Not sure if it really worked or the pushing(?) from behind was doing the trick. Then I got stuck at like the 3rd row. Then BRENT WENT ON STAGE!!! My friends were the first ones who noticed him because I was too focused on trying to find a way to get to the front. Then I started screaming too… “BRENT!! BRENT!!” then Brent looked at me and waved and I’m like “AAAAHHHHHH!!” and then after a little while, the girl in front of me was like “Miss, dito ka na sa unahan ko, pero ikaw lang ha.” OMG. Of course, I took that opportunity, although I feel a bit bad about my friends behind me. Then we exchanged spots and I said “Thank you so much I love you!!” and then she smiled at me. I’m now on the second row. I asked one of the girls in front of me if we can trade spots just for Adub’s set, then I’ll leave afterwards. But she didn’t agree because she said it’s hard to go back lol. I felt sad but then I talked to the other girl and she agreed. Thank God!!!


Now the entire Allstar Weekend is on stage. I. Just. Can’t. Explain. My. Feels. I’ve always wanted to see them. And this is it. Finally.


I was on the front row so I stepped on that thing below the barricade so that I’ll be more elevated (the stage was high). And I have been screaming since the beginning that the people around me were looking at me haha. I was going crazy and singing along and screaming the entire show and putting my hands up and down. I also brought my signs and I’m sure they saw it haha but they didn’t acknowledge it idk lol.



Sorry but I have to write about the negative-ish part. The boys were unusually not energetic. I’ve seen a couple of YouTube videos and  they are usually hyper whether they are performing on stage or not. But tonight they weren’t. I was waiting for Zach’s dance moves but it looked like he was trying hard, or having a hard time, to show those moves. As I previously mentioned, he looked tired. (Later on, when Ayna met Zach backstage, Zach said they were jetlagged aww).

I understand that Cameron wasn’t moving much because he hasn’t fully recovered from his accident few weeks ago. I couldn’t see much of Dillon and Mikey because they were at the back, and as I said, the stage was high.


It was Brent who keeps on waving and smiling at fans (and me hahaha).


Their last song was Not Your Birthday (aww 😦 ). I noticed that the crowd was more energetic when they played this.

Right after their set, I noticed that someone was squishing beside me. Then I realized it was the girl at the front row that I trade spots with. So I immediately grabbed my bag (which I dropped at the floor in front of the barricade) and started to leave (it was also quite a struggle! haha) then when I was about to go out, Mikey gave away drum sticks aww 😦 I should’ve stayed there a little bit longer but oh well.

Anyway, I had a really really great time watching them live. Although I do regret not taking more videos 😦 I thought there would be people to record but 😦 I only had a clip of “Be There” (I will upload later)

When I finally left the front part of the moshpit area, I literally felt like I was about to faint. (It’s the same feeling I got after The Ready Set‘s set at LIV5 Trinoma lol) Then I, along with Ayna and my dad who was at the general moshpit area, went to the Open Grounds Area, the part where there are tables and chairs near the food stalls. We were thirsty so we bought that 30-peso cup of water LOL we don’t have a choice.

(Added: It sucks that I have bad memory. I couldn’t completely recall everything that happened, especially during Adub’s set. All I can remember is that I was having the time of my life. It’s usually like this during moments that I feel like I was dreaming, like, it’s too good to be true. I just love this band so much it hurts.)



The next band that played is Mayday Parade. I don’t have a decent photo because I was far from the stage. Ayna left for a while to go to the restroom and buy some food I guess. And when she came back she said she met the boys backstage (the part where the fans are waiting, as we noticed earlier). I admit at first I was jealous (but I wasn’t angry at her because she ran out of battery and it’s not her fault) but I was too happy to be jealous. I mean, I JUST SAW ALLSTAR WEEKEND and I couldn’t ask for more 🙂 (Ayna I’m not angry at you okay 🙂 and please don’t feel selfish, it’s not your fault. I love youuuu)

I was supposed to go to the Gen Ad area to see my friends but I was SO tired. I felt like every part of me is drained. I could barely move or eat. All I can do is just drink water. I couldn’t even pay much attention to the band on stage, although sometimes I still sing along. I’m too tired that I told my dad that after a few songs by Yellowcard, we’ll leave.


Yellowcard, the headliner, finally took the stage. I was still sitting where I was. I couldn’t finish the squid balls that my dad bought. Then I got a text from Kristen, saying that she met Michael and he’s at the moshpit area. ADRENALINE RUSH. Ayna and I ran to the moshpit area and we were looking for them, then BOOM. They were at the middle area, the part where security people, photographers, crew people stay. And yes, we were watching them watch Yellowcard. Hahaha.


They are SOOO adorable! Michael was nearer so we called him first. He couldn’t hear us at first! Haha. Then when he noticed us. We waved and he waved back and smiled. I understand ’cause they were watching Yellowcard. Then when I called Brent. Oh my god he approached me!!! Then we hugged and took a photo. Then he had a moment with Ayna too as far as I can remember. Then he went back to enjoy the show. ❤ ❤ ❤


The next time we called Michael ❤ , he approached us. Then I hugged him and asked for a photo. At first it was fail because there was something in between us (like below the barricade) so he was far, but he found a way to get nearer to me. Okay, so the photo was blurred. I got shy to ask for another photo, but I really think he was waiting for me to ask again because he noticed it was kinda blurred. But mehh. Then I asked him to sign my moshpit ticket wristband (I feel dumb for letting him sign the printed part lol) Then when I told him that I’m from AWPH, he was like “OH! Nice to meet you!” then he offered his hand for a handshake.


They went back to enjoy the show. Ayna and I were so happy. Then later on Brent approached Ayna and interviewed her a bit ❤  Then he kissed her left forehead!! I was in front of Ayna and so Brent did the same to me ❤  HOW SWEEEETTTT!! ❤ ❤ ❤  Ayna and I were like ASDFGJHADSGFKAGFKA. Then Mikey went to the right side. I’m not sure why. Brent stayed. And when he was about to leave, he hugged and kissed Ayna again! ❤ Then we were both so happy that time that we were going crazy while Yellowcard was still playing. Also, Tay from WATIC went out to sing Here I Am Alive with them! Yay! Then we got tired so we went back to the Open Grounds area, hoping that we bump into the other members of Adub, but we didn’t. On the way back we saw Abbie again and Leigh! And then we had a nice small chat.



We stayed in that area until the last song of Yellowcard which is Ocean Avenue

The bands didn’t interact much with the fans, but I understand that because they have limited time on stage. And still everyone had a really great time!

If you’re not an Adubber and you’re reading this, you must be wondering..Why did I choose those song lyrics as the title of this blog post? Well, it’s because tonight is the first and last time that I’ll ever get to see Allstar Weekend live. The band is set to perform at Warped Tour next month until August, and after that, they will be on an indefinite hiatus and will then start a new band.

Btw let me just point out that the ticket price for this area is so sulit. The cheapest one costs P800 (and it was even on sale during the last week before the show I think). If the venue is a stadium, you’ll see nothing if you bought the cheapest ticket (You have no choice but to watch the screen) but for this venue, Globe Circuit Events Ground at Circuit Makati, you can already get a already get a decent view if you paid for that amount. The venue is just awesome. There were food stalls so if you get hungry or if you’re fave band is not playing, you can eat or just roam and play around 🙂 I also want to point out that I love how there’s no siksikan and tulakan in this show, which is something I don’t like and I’m afraid of, considering my physical characteristics.

Overall, Circuit Fest 2013 was a blast. I really love the line up. And I had an amazing time. I don’t know what exact words to use. I’m looking forward to part 2 of this!

For the official concert photos, please visit MMI’s photo albums 🙂

Here is Allstar Weekend‘s setlist*:

-The Last Time
-Life As Know It
-The American Dream
-Do It 2 Me
-Here With You
-Be There
-Bend Or Break
-All The Way
-Come Down With Love
-Not Your Birthday

*These are not in order except for the first and last song
*Please comment any corrections

I’m glad because after the show some people posted on AWPH FB asking for the setlist because it’s the first time that they heard the band and they liked the songs!


Thank you so much MMI and to everyone who made this event possible. And of course thank you God and my very supportive family! ❤

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Blog Title inspired by the song: The Last Time by Allstar Weekend


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