Maybe You Just Like Me Better Undercover

Today is my second attempt to stalk my favorite bands. I really wanted to do this because I really love the bands on the line up. I told my parents about it and they didn’t say yes or no. They just asked who I’m going with, and if they are going to fetch me here. (Yes, they don’t allow me to take a cab alone). Thank God my friend Gem lives near my place. So we met at the lobby of our condo around 9am. Then we took the cab on the way to Intercon. I was so nervous because the last time we went there to see the LIV5 bands, we weren’t allowed to go in and we had unpleasant interactions with the guards. I will no longer talk about that shizz in this post.

Gem and I met up with Vanessa first who was at Starbucks across the hotel. Then we went inside, and thank God we got in. I was so lost at first because it’s kind of my first time to really wait for bands inside a hotel. Then I saw other fans waiting, like 2 or 3, and somehow I felt a bit relieved idk why. Then we sat at the small couches at the lobby. It was VERY CREEPY. You know why? Because bodyguards were literally sitting at the couches beside us. We first saw 4 of the boys from Before You ExitRiley, Toby, Braiden, and Thomas


Of course, everyone rushed to Riley and Toby. I didn’t wanna waste time while waiting for them to finish taking pics, so I approached Thomas and Braiden first.


Me and Thomas Silvers. This is my first ever selfie with a band dude ❤


Me and Braiden Wood ❤

One of the bodyguards was very strict. I wasn’t able to get a photo with Riley and Toby but it was fine with me since I’m gonna meet them later at Greenbelt because I’m gonna use my dad’s meet & greet stub for them haha.

My friends and I went back to the couches. Then this strict body guard was talking shit to us. Not sure if I should be annoyed or laugh because of what he was doing and telling us. I will no longer elaborate.

The next person we saw was Sean Mackin of Yellowcard. I’m gonna be honest. We don’t know him. Well, I know Yellowcard and their songs, but not the members (That’s just how I am with some bands, like for some I know everything about them, for some I only know their songs, etc. Call me a fake fan, I don’t care :))

Well we were just waiting at the lobby then he passed by us, and we assumed that he was on the way to the restroom. Then we have a flyer, and we were like, “Isn’t this him?” Haha. And we were fighting with each other whether he’s really a YC member or not. Then we followed him outside the restroom. And it was so awkward when he went out hahaha we were like “Hi..” and he said “Hi!” but we didn’t get to take a photo because we got shy and my friend spoke a bit too late. We went back to the lobby and he was just standing almost beside us, tweeting. Then Tay Jardine of We Are The In Crowd went to the lobby and there’s not a single body guard! That’s why it was quite easy for us to approach her and there’s no one telling us to go away. But before we approached her, Sean approached her first and they hugged ❤ Then we approached them. I got to take photos with them and got my CDs and flyer signed! Yay!

photo 1

photo 3

Image (2)

Later on, we met the other 3 members of WATIC 🙂

IMG_2108Me and Mike Ferri

This is kinda fail. Haha. He’s the first one that I approached because again, people approached Jordan and Cameron first. My first take of this shot was very blurred so I asked if I can take another pic and he said yes. Well, it turns out to still be a bit blurred. Oh well haha.

IMG_2109Me and Cameron Hurley – He’s so handsome even when he’s wearing sunglasses!!


Me and Jordan Eckes.

HE IS SO FREAKING TALL I CANNOT. HAHAHAHA. Next time I should bring heels. LOL. I almost didn’t get to take a pic with him (I was the last one) because of the bodyguards.


Look who just arrived! The Downtown Fiction! We didn’t get to take a photo with them (only Vanessa with Cameron Leahy) because the security people were strict. Well, I understand because the band just arrived.

While waiting, I met two new friends: Trish and Camille 🙂 Here are some more photos while hanging out at the lobby





Later, with the help of Pauline and her “friend”, we found out were the presscon is to be held. So we went there. We had to wait outside because we rode two cabs and apparently that other driver tricked them. You know what I mean. So we had to wait even longer. I couldn’t forget how nice and funny the security guards were. I was afraid at first that they will make us go away but they didn’t. In fact, we had a really nice chat with them. The other cab then arrived. We were about to go in (Yes I know we should have an invite but Gem said that in other previous presscons, they let fans in if you found out where the location is) but then the guard said we are not allowed to go in because the entire bar is closed for the presscon. So we waited by the post, under the big umbrella, but it was still SO FREAKING HOT.


So this the view from where we are. The first we saw was WATIC but I don’t have a good photo of them. So here’s A+ Dropouts.


Here’s a photo of TDF while leaving. We also saw Yellowcard and This Century leave, but we didn’t get the chance to take photos with them. BYE also left but we didn’t see them before they went to the van. We were waiting and I’m confused whether Adub is already in the country or not. I’m more than 50% sure that they are not yet here since they are still not tweeting but then I thought, the bands are supposed to be complete at the presscon. Then I then remembered the fact that their M&G is schedule the next day so they’re probably not there yet. But when I asked some of the presscon people who just left, they said they’re here but they seemed unsure. I was so confused because even though they are not yet here, I want to believe they already are because I badly want to see them LIKE RIGHT NOW. lol. It was so freaking hot and I’m tired and hungry and etc etc that I wanted to leave, but I can’t leave alone. The others wanted to leave already also but idk we just stayed there, and thank God we did.

Then it was Mayday Parade‘s turn. Gem was really determined to meet Derek Sanders. MP was like the second to the last band to leave (before A+D) and then we just all went near them.


The first one I approached is Alex Garcia ❤, my crush in the band. I got so sad that I didn’t get to meet them when I watched their first show in the Philippines 2 years ago. But now I’m so happy! ❤


 Me and Derek Sanders!


I almost didn’t notice Brooks Betts because he was at the side. I didn’t see Jake Bundrick and Jeremy Lenzo 😦 My friend said they went straight inside the van. And I wasn’t able to get them sign my CD.. Oh well.

 We were so happy after this and we thanked the guards. Then later on, a woman working at the venue gave us Circuit Fest posters yay! Then we’re about to go back to Glorietta to have lunch (it was past 2pm lol) but we couldn’t get a cab so we rode a jeepney (idk about this I was just following me friends) and found out we rode the wrong one so we went down somewhere where we can ride. Then there’s 7-eleven so we bought drinks and rested for a while first. Then finally we got 2 cabs – one to Glorietta and one to Market Market – because there are 2 venues for the M&Gs later.

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