Can’t Sleep Tonight

Circuit Fest poster

Today – April 12, 2013 – is one of the most surprising days in my life.

I woke up at around 11am with a phone call from my groupmate. After talking to her, I checked my inbox……….HOLY SHIT.

ALLSTAR WEEKEND IS COMING TO MANILA” – text messages from my friends

W H O A. This is…just…unbelievable. Like, seriously, I didn’t believe it at first because I thought it was impossible, considering the circumstances. But then I got two text messages, from two different people who do not know each other. Oh my god. Then I hurriedly checked FB and Twitter and I literally cried as I saw Allstar Weekend on the lineup and cried even more because I love almost every band that they will be playing with.

Band Line Up

Five of the bands – This Century, WATIC, Mayday Parade, Yellowcard, A+ Dropouts – have been in the Philippines. But I don’t mind since I’ve missed their previous shows here, except that of Mayday Parade 2 years ago (Their show was held just below my dad’s office haha) and A+ Dropouts (They were one of the bands that performed at LIV5. Some people dislike the fact that they will be back here lol but I’m so happy with it especially since I missed WATIC’s show last June and I missed This Century three times already. I’m not familiar with Megan Nicole but I heard she’s a great YouTube so I better go check her out soon 🙂

I can’t thank Music Management International enough. I can’t believe they would actually listen to me (and to others, if there are). I have been bugging them for a year now to bring Allstar Weekend here. I kind of emphasized Mikey’s and Cam’s Filipino roots lol. But then I kinda gave up months ago because I honestly think that their fanbase here is so small (not enough for them to be brought here) but then A+ Dropouts was brought here so it gave me hope. But then I lost hope again when AW announced about the upcoming changes in the band (Warped Tour is the last time they’ll be playing as AW; they will change the band name and type of music I guess; etc). So starting then, I no longer opened our Allstar Weekend Philippines accounts and I no longer requested them to the producers. But then. THIS. THIS!!!! THANK YOU MMI!!!!


Okay so I admit that I don’t know much about the personal details of the band members (quite except Allstar Weekend) but in terms of music, I’m big fans of them – so you crappy fangirls just shut up please 🙂

Also, to the fans that keep on complaining – please just stop. Stop and just be happy for others please? Okay, it’s alright to complain (since we are used to the free rock shows that MMI has been producing for years) but PLEASE just do it in a decent way. That is all.


Blog Title inspired by the song Can’t Sleep Tonight – Allstar Weekend


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