You Like Me Better Undercover

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My fangirl friends Iza, Katty and I decided to watch Miley Cyrus‘ movie So Undercover this Wednesday. The SM malls that are close to us already changed this movie but thank God that it’s still showing at Robinsons Manila.

photo 4

After buying our movie tickets, we roamed around the mall for more than an hour as we wait for the clock to approach 3pm. We checked out Odyssey because all of their branches are on sale until the end of the month. Since I’m a huge Miley fan, I bought the standard version of Miley Cyrus’ Breakout album, even though I already have the deluxe one. Lol. The CD case had cracks so I had to ask the saleslady to change the case for me. (Tip: Always check for cracks; Open the CDs before you leave the mall so you can have it changed).

photo (1)

And btw, I saw a girl wearing a BRF shirt. Cool beans. Later on, we went to the department store. Iza and Katty grabbed their copies of Candy Magazine (April issue) with Selena Gomez as the cover.

Then we needed to go to the cinema because the show is about to start.

————————————MOVIE TIME——————————————

The film went beyond my expectation. My friends and I agree that Miley has a future in action movies. I mean, just look at the first part! Awesomeee.

I love how the  director/script writer related real stuff to the film (maybe the others are just coincidence though, but it’s still cool okay lol)

– Miley’s character name is Molly which kinda rhymes her real name.

– Molly’s love interest looks like Justin Gaston (Miley’s ex) and his character name is Nicholas (Miley also dated Nicholas “Nick” Jonas)

– One of the characters looks like Ashley Tisdale (a close friend of Miley)

BUT the funniest part is when the criminal said, “What do you got BONUS JONAS?” Hahaha. We all laughed so hard in the cinema (There were only like 10 people inside lol)

I’m just so happy that I watched the movie with them because we can all understand and relate to all these random stuff. I had an amazing time! And I must say that the movie was also A++. It was sooo funny and I really liked the terms used there like “totes”, “totes inappropes”, “amazeballs”, “btdubs”, etc. haha. And the story line was so cool. I didn’t expect that twist near the end!


When the lights went on, I realized that there are a lot of cheese powder (from the popcorn) on my white top! black cardigan to the rescue lol. Then later on, there’s this couple that we saw that…uhh nevermind – I don’t want to talk about them here haha.

And then Iza had to go. Katty & I remained at the mall. We shopped at Candie’s and at the department store. My goodness. Candie’s has a lot of pretty clothes I nearly cried. Haha. And then we had dinner at Wendy’s.

Btw, look what we saw!!! I saw this kind of guitar a couple of years ago at Festival Mall, and now it’s like here near my place omg. Want!!

photo 32

And here’s another photo from outside the cinema – Thea & The Chipmunks 🙂

photo 1 (1)

Blog Title inspired by the song Undercover by Allstar Weekend


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