I Think I Had A Heart Attack


Since 2011, many concert producers have been bringing hell a lot of musicians and bands of different genres and generations, whether popular/huge/mainstream or not, to the Philippines. Back in June 2011, Miley Cyrus performed at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Last October 2012, the Jonas Brothers played at the newly-opened Mall of Asia Arena. This March 2013, it was Demi Lovato‘s turn to wow the crowd at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

March 20, 2013 is one of the few “OMG is this real life?!” concert nights that I’ve had. Why the reaction? Well, it’s teen queen Demetria Devonne Lovato! I just can’t believe that I actually saw her in real life. She wasn’t only this character on tv, or the voice on my music player, or a photo. She was real — breathing the same air as I am.


My experience:

This day my last class ended early. Before I went home, I voted with my classmates for our school’s general elections. When I got home, I prepared my things and changed my bag and shoes (for extra height lol). While waiting for a cab, one of my fave professors said “I know where you’re going” as he walked past me. He’s so cool haha. Anyway, it took my mom and I a while before we got a cab because the drivers didn’t want to go to Araneta – and that’s one of the reasons why I dislike that place. The show is “scheduled” to start at 8pm but we had to leave by around 4pm since it’s always traffic going to the venue. We arrived at Gateway, which is beside Smart Araneta Coliseum, at past 5pm. My dad went there earlier because he’s not allowed to drive in the area at a later time because of coding. We roamed around and ate at Taco Bell to kill time.


All the Demi feels while we were eating because the place was playing Demi Lovato songs the entire time, so I get more and more excited every minute. Honestly, I wasn’t really THAT excited for tonight’s show because as I mentioned before, it doesn’t feel real. This was the same feeling I had back when I saw Miley and the Jonas Brothers.

We went to the venue at past 7pm. Here’s a photo of me and my dad while waiting in line. I observed (and found it cute) that there were lots of little girls accompanied by their fathers (like us haha) or their older brothers :))


Sooo..uhmm.. free corned beef for the VIPs? Haha. This quite made me laugh. Marketing fail? Well, in my opinion, you’re not supposed to give out this kind of stuff at this kind of event. Most concert goers bring small bags and they simply don’t want to hold these stuff during the show and on their way home (which explains why a lot of these are left on the chairs and on the floor after the show)


And here’s my outfit 🙂


I know that it’s not customary to wear heels or wedges at concerts but if you see how small I am, you’ll know that I need to wear these lol. If you want to wear one then make sure that it’s comfortable 🙂

As expected, the show started late. When the clock hit 8:30pm, Khalil Ramos,  who plays Mikay’s best friend in Princess & I, went out to open the show. He sang around 3 songs.

It took almost an hour before Demi hit the stage. I was so annoyed that time. Not because of Demi, but because of these VIP people. First of all, I know that they may be the producers/sponsors of the show but I, along with other people, find it inappropriate that they’re seated on the front rows (I think first 5 rows or so). But oh well, that’s the “system” in this country. But what really got me annoyed is this guy who complains as if he paid for the entire show. I mean seriously, if you saw HOW he complained and instructed the bouncers to force the fans back to their seats. There’s also this woman on the front row who was complaining in almost the same manner. My goodness. You guys are at a CONCERT and this is what happens when young musicians are on stage. It must be their first time.

Look at how ugly the crowd looks before Demi went out.


And by ugly I meant, people in front sitting down. I would understand if the show is like an acoustic session or something, but no, it’s a rock concert. I am a small person and having these adults stand up would be a disadvantage for me but I can still say that this is just wrong. And did I mention, there were these girls who had put on a lot of makeup, had their hair curled, and wore dresses, as if they’re going to a prom. Okay I’ll stop ranting now. Btw, many thanks to the couple sitting next to us for being so nice 🙂


The crowd went loud and wild a few minutes before 9:30pm as Demi finally took the stage! After countless “Balik kayo sa upuan” from the bouncers beforehand, everyone still rushed to the front as Demi opened the show with her song Unbroken. I’m so happy with this since I’ve always thought that this is a perfect opening song. My feels went all asdfghjklasdgfasdf as soon as she went out. I got quite starstruck by her beauty and I got teary-eyed because this is a dream come true for me.



Demi Lovato was stunning as she rocked the stage. Like seriously, her voice is just wow! She didn’t have any problem reaching the high notes of her songs and she sounded the same as in her recorded songs, and she plays both guitar and piano! – which proves that Demi is truly musically-talented, unlike other Disney actors/actresses that I’m guessing were forced to sing. (I’m not hating on anyone, I’m just telling the truth). She was full of energy as she danced and moved on stage while she sing!


However, there are certain moments that I couldn’t really enjoy the show because I was distracted by the bouncers who are constantly forcing people to go back to their seats. But then, Demi was so cool. There was this part when she called out the attention of one of the bouncers (the one on the aisle) and said, “Yo, what are you doing? My fans can stand up if they want to.” Then the fans screamed and rushed back to the front. Haha.


In every show that I go to, there’s almost always this acoustic part where the artists tell the crowd to sing with them. I always love that part. This happened when Demi performed Don’t Forget and one of my favorites, Catch Me. This was cool, but honestly, I’m a bit disappointed because the crowd was not THAT loud compared to the others shows I’ve been to. Although it’s fair to say that the crowd was loud enough.


Before Demi sang Lightweight, she asked the audience to put up their glow sticks, cellphones, or whatever that lights. What a beautiful view :’) And I must say that she totally nailed this song. Well, actually everything :))


Demi had an inspiring speech before she performed her comeback single Skyscraper. This was the first song that she released when she got back from the treatment center. She mentioned her problems about bullying, eating disorder, self-harm disorder, and substance abuse (I was quite shocked because I only know about the first three). She said that if you have problems and such, “…that doesn’t mean that you’re weak.” And also that you must know when to ask for help.


The show went lively again as Demi performed a cover of Chris Brown’s Turn Up The Music. The crowd was a bit wild this time because the song has party vibes and everyone was dancing and singing along.


Next on the setlist is her latest single Heart Attack. Wow, just wow. I don’t even know what to type here. Her performance was purely awesome! After Remember December, she ended the show with a bang as she performed  Give Your Heart A Break after being called out for an encore.



This is another night to remember for the rest of my life.

Here’s the setlist — credits to the Singaporean Lovatic who uploaded this.

demi setlist asia

More photos:







Sooo… Could next year be Selena Gomez‘ turn?

Disclaimer: Only photos without water marks are mine (except the setlist)

Blog Title inspired by the song Heart Attack – Demi Lovato

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