Hey, Hey, We’ll Be Young Forever

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January 18, 2013 – My 19th Birthday

I seriously can’t believe that I’m on my last teenage year. Frankly, I just don’t feel 19. I feel so much younger, not just because of my physical features but also  everything else – like how I’m still very dependent of my parents and my friends, how I haven’t experience to commute alone, how I never had my first sip of alcohol, and more.

I alarmed my phone at around 9:30am but apparently Allstar Weekend’s “Not Your Birthday” didn’t wake up (Hot Chelle Rae’s “Beautiful Freaks” is the most effective alarm for me lol), though my mom said she heard it. I checked my phone as soon as I woke up and was surprised to see that some of my favorite bands and band members greeted me 🙂 Then I got out of bed I think at around 10:30am. My mom just left to get the food we ordered from Robinsons Manila. I hurriedly took a bath right after having a cup of hot water (which I do everyday) then dolled up. I was expecting my friend who told me she’d come earlier but then I received a text from her saying that she woke up late and that the other will arrive at a later time. I’m all prepared but my mom hasn’t arrive yet and I’m all alone in my room. Then my dad called me, asking how I was doing and if my mom has arrived. That phone call kinda gave me a feeling that something’s up. I don’t know what it is, but there is just something.

My mom arrived after a couple of minutes and strangely she was no longer asking where my friends are. Hmmm. My two friends, Belle and Agnes, arrived at our condo after a while. I have to say I had fun just chatting with them while waiting for the others. After a while we went to the roof top already. I thought it’s just so that we won’t get bored inside the condo and so that we can already enjoy the fresh(?) air and the view from above. But then…


Jordan banner

After a few steps on the last stairs to the rooftop, I literally screamed as I saw this. This is just so freakin unbelievable! In fangirl language: “ASDFGHJKLASDFGA SO MUCH FEELSSS I CANT EVEN”

Like seriously, I was so so so surprised! I was speechless and I just basically don’t know what to do hahaha. And then I went out to the side of the pool, and my other friends are already there, working on these amazing stuff. And guess, what? They made me a Jordan Witzigreuter standee too!!

Copy of iPhone Photos 009

Don’t we look like BFFS?! =))

We tied him to the post like a hostage so that he won’t fall HAHAHA.

After a couple of minutes, we started to eat. Here is one of my favorite pizzas of all time – Chicago White from Sbarro; We also had their baked ziti and my favorite chicken from Savory.

iPhone Photos 070

iPhone Photos 016

After satisfying our tummies, we changed to our swimsuits and went to the swimming pool with a couple of pink balloons. But first I had to fetch my best friend Reiko from downstairs.

iPhone Photos 078

iPhone Photos 085

iPhone Photos 081

I had the time of my life playing volleyball (using the balloon) at the pool. My friends are just so fun I can’t even asdfgfhasdf!!! Haha. We also played that find-the-coin thing and the other one, whatever you call it LOL.

Afterwards, we played this board game called Cranium – 3 teams of 2 members each. Of course, Reiko and I won! Haha :))

iPhone Photos 084

When we’re about to finish the game, my friend Christian finally arrived (he had classes until 5pm). After cleaning up everything, we went down our condo.

iPhone Photos 042

My parents put out my cake (Mango Bene from Mary Grace) and I went inside my room to change my clothes and, well, post some stuff on Twitter and Instagram.

iPhone Photos 073

While inside, I can hear my friends arguing on how to put the candles hahaha. I chose not to go out until they call me. While waiting, I opened their gift for me. It was a beautiful pink wristlet! I actually needed one so that my phone, money, and cards will all be at the same place. It came with sweet letters from them :’) They’re the best. Then I went outside the room.

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iPhone Photos 047

iPhone Photos 049

*Please excuse my messy shirt lol

We played Kindat Killer and 1-2-3 Pass after eating cake! My friends went home at around 8:30pm. I am so tired but I really had a blast. I love my family and friends.

I was just so happy that day that I didn’t feel bad about not being greeted by some of my closest friends (I removed my birthday from my Facebook profile because I have too much online friends that I didn’t really want to reply to all of them, not because I wanted to “test” them or anything)

I’m already 19 but people, based on their greetings, still call me “baby” or “little sister” or similar term. I love being called those terms and I love how they really treat me like a sister. But then, sometimes I’m not so sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Anyway, I also loved it when people called me “Mrs. Witzigreuter” hahaha.

I can honestly say that I was really touched on how some of my friends greeted me. Some of them greeted me at almost exactly midnight. And I just freaking love the messages they sent me I don’t even know what to say.

Thank you Lord for everything :’)

More photos:

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iPhone Photos 083



iPhone Photos 012

iPhone Photos 071

(Story behind the standee: My friend Pat couldn’t find whole body photos of Jordan so she had to edit it like the photo above. For the other Jordan cutout, she used another man’s legs hahaha)

And guess what? Just in time for my birthday, I reached 5045 points on Chris Wallace Street Team! Enough to redeem an autographed CD!

iPhone Photos 068

I was also greeted by some of my favorite bands / band dudes 🙂 Will post screenshots later. Oh, and I submitted this photo on TRS Daily and they published it 😀

iPhone Photos 066

Blog Title inspired by the song Young Forever – The Ready Set


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  1. Lexi says:

    How did you make those cardboard cut outs??

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