2012 (Best Singles Ever)

Last year, I made a list of my Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2011. This year, however, not much albums caught my intention. In fact, I was quite disappointed with the recent releases of some of my favorite bands 😦 Anyway, here is a list of my top favorite songs – singles released this 2012!

15. La La – The Cab

This is the third single from the album Symphony Soldier. Honestly, this is not in my top favorite tracks in the album but this song made it to my top favorite singles from 2012, which explains why the album was in my top 10 last 2011. (Album was released 2011; Single was released 2012). And check out also Angel With A Shotgun and Living Louder 🙂

14. Bleach Blonde – This Century

This song is released after the band put out their Acoustics EP. It has topped the charts of RX 93.1 for an amount of time.

13. Somebody That I Used To Know (Cover) – Mayday Parade ft. Vic Fuentes

Who is Gotye?!?! Seriously, the original version sucks (in my opinion). I really don’t understand why people love that song so much. My friends told me that they like the lyrics, but what the hell – remove the lyrics and everything else is just annoying. It puts me in an unpleasant mood whenever I hear the original version. Anyway, this cover is just perfect. It made me listen to the entire song for the first time ever. Click the play button!

12. Live While We’re Young – One Direction

I don’t really “””fangirl””” on this boy band but damn some of their songs are just too catchy. I first heard this song inside Penshoppe and it caught my attention. I didn’t know it was this song so I had to go to YouTube and find out then boom here it is. I love this!

11. Going Out – A Rocket To The Moon

This band is known for their love songs (think Taylor Swift-ish) but this single is one of those feel good songs out there that can lift your mood just by listening to it. The rest of the tracks from That Old Feeling EP are also wonderful!

10. Good Time – Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

I literally have a good time and I enjoy listening to this song especially when it comes to the chorus part. This is my favorite track from Jepsen’s album Kiss. Other singles from the album that caught my attention This Kiss and Call Me Maybe. 

9. 12 Degrees – Brothers

This is the debut single of Brothers which is composed of Cameron and Julian Walker. Brothers is one of the side projects of Cameron who is also known as Weatherstar (which is currently on hiatus), along with the band 1985. Right now, he is the touring bassist of The Ready Set.

Read the story behind the song here.

Read my previous post about Cameron here.

8. Kiss Me Again – We Are The In Crowd (feat. Alex Gaskarth)

I’m sorry but honestly I prefer the original version of this song, the one wherein Jordan Eckes was singing the guy part, not Alex. But then this is still a great song whoever sings whichever part.

7. Somewhere In Neverland – All Time Low

I was able to hear some sort of a sneak peak of this song before(?) it was released and I didn’t like it at first. But when the lyric video is released, my perception changed. I can somehow relate to some of the lyrics and it’s not the typical catchy song for me, but it just stuck in me.

6.  Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) – The Ready Set

She said “I love this song I’ve heard it before and it stole my heart. I know every word”. She’s gonna dance all night, night ’til it hurts singing the best song ever, best song ever!!

This is the latest single of my favorite band The Ready Set! I totally can’t wait for the next album which is to be released in 2013!

Check out the awesome lyric video here!

5. Go For Gold! – Kyle Patrick

I’ve heard about this song a long time ago but I didn’t really bother to listen to the song until recently that Kyle Patrick, former lead singer of The Click Five, came to the Philippines as a guest musician at the fashion show at the New Glorietta. I got curious because some of my friends love him so much, plus my schoolmate told me that his music video is cute. The song is just so catchy that I didn’t notice the wonderful lyrics at first! Haha. I feel bad for not listening to it months ago.

4. Give Your Heart A Break – Demi Lovato

This is the second single, and also my favorite track, from the album Unbroken. I can’t think of anymore to say. Lol.

3. DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love  – Her Bright Skies

So I heard Usher made a cover of this song? Lol! But seriously, this Swedish band’s version is WAY better than the original. I remember the first time I heard this song, I broke the replay button. The rest of the tracks in the DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love EP were acoustic versions of some of the songs in their previous album Causing A Scene. And I just need to point out that you have to listen to the Sold Our Souls (To Rock & Roll) [Acoustic].

The band released their new album Rivals later this year, having Lovekills as their carrier single. The song is great but my favorites are Bonnie & Clyde (The Revolution) and I’ll Be For You – songs you MUST listen to.

Check out my previous post about this band.

2. Remember When (Push Rewind) – Chris Wallace

This song is one of iTunes’ Best Pop Songs of 2012, and the album is iTunes’ Best Breakthrough Album of 2012!

I discovered this guy and this song through the blog Truth or Sarah as it was featured as Song of the Day in this post. I instantly fell in love with the song and I literally couldn’t stop listening to it for a while. Few months (or I think weeks?) later the album was released and every song is just amazing. I declare Push Rewind as my top favorite albums of 2012! My other favorite songs from this album include Invincible, Hurricane, and Time Bomb (Walk Away).

As written in Wikipedia

“Wallace released his first solo single, “Remember When (Push Rewind)”, a month after The White Tie Affair broke up…. The song is about looking back and wanting to relive your past. He said in an interview, that the underlying message of the song is positive in that “Even if things don’t work out and I can’t change them, I’m still glad it happened. And the worst case scenario is that you learn a lesson.”

1. Hit The Lights – Selena Gomez & The Scene

This song is part of the album When The Sun Goes Down which was released last June 28, 2011. When I first listened to the entire album, this song, along with another titled Dilemma, is one of the few that I really liked. Every song in the album is amazing – that’s why it was my number 2 album for 2011 – but this song is really the bomb, not only because of its catchy melody but also because of the inspirational lyrics. (I decided to put the lyric video instead because the 2 official music videos kinda make people dizzy or something lol)

Runners-Up (not in any order)

  • Die Young – Ke$ha
  • Lovekills – Her Bright Skies
  • Be Your Everything – Boys Like Girls
  • Wanna Dance With Somebody – Allstar Weekend
  • Life As We Know It – Allstar Weekend
  • End Of The World – Before You Exit
  • Whole Lotta You – A Rocket To The Moon
  • Ever Enough – A Rocket To The Moon
  • Endlessly – The Cab
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift
  • Ronan – Taylor Swift
  • Beauty And A Beat – Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj
  • Skeletons – This Century
  • Party, Fun, Love And Radio – We The Kings
  • Summer Forever – 1985
  • Where Your Heart Belongs – RadioDriveBy

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