Planes, Oceans & Symphonies

Weatherstar (1)

Posting this blog because I recently fell in love with a man named Cameron Walker.

I first found out about him many months ago (or even more than a year ago) through Jordan Witzigreuter (The Ready Set). I was just creeping Jordan’s twitter and noticed that he is good friends with Cameron. I checked the latter’s twitter and discovered that he’s a musician who is known as Weatherstar. And I’m like wow I should keep an eye on this guy and check out his music some time. But then I was too preoccupied with other stuff that I didn’t get the chance, and I kinda forgot also, to listen to some of his songs.

Only when Cameron filled in for The Ready Set as a touring bassist did I really kept an eye on him. I first noticed his hair and his looks. Love ’em. When I posted this video on Facebook and Twitter, and then a couple of my friends asked “OMG who is the bassist / who is the new guy?”. And I’m like oh it’s Cameron Walker, he’s also a musician, etc etc. I tweeted about him and tagged him. Unexpectedly, I got a reply!

Cameron Walker tweet

You know me, I get kilig when I get replies from band dudes. And then one of my friends who asked recognized him and suggested a song called Postcards. I feel bad for not listening to it right away.

This is such a beautiful song. It was an instant favorite for me. Right after that, I research a little bit more about Cameron. I found out all about his different side projects and listened to whatever songs I can. I found out about 1985, Brothers, and Cameron And The Pissed Of Kids. I’m still not familiar with the musicians but I can say that there is NOT a single thing that I dislike about their music. And can I just say that this dude reminds me so much of Christofer Drew (Never Shout Never)? The hair, the looks, the voice, and somehow the musical style (or the old NSN musical style).

And here I go again, fangirling on Twitter. I love how Cameron responds to most of the fans tweets. And it just makes me love him even more. (I’m posting these screenshots because I want it to be remembered. This is a diary-ish blog lol)








Don’t get me wrong. I still love Jordan Witzigreuter. But I love Cameron Walker too 🙂 I’m a bit sad about Weatherstar being on hiatus but I’m thankful at the same time because if not for him joining TRS I don’t think I’ll be able to know him this much. I hope one day I get to see both Weatherstar and The Ready Set on the same stage. Lastly, I love Cameron NOT because of TRS but because he’s really a talented musician 🙂

Here are some links to Cameron’s accounts:


Twitter – personal, Weatherstar, Brothers, 1985




Blog Title from the song Planes, Oceans and Symphonies – by Weatherstar


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2 thoughts on “Planes, Oceans & Symphonies

  1. I got to see Weatherstar live and I nearly cried at his perfection haha. That man has too much talent (and good hair).

  2. Reblogged this on Truth Or Sarah and commented:
    This girl has pretty much the same taste in music (and men) as me…

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