All I Got Is A Song, I’ll Sing It Loud While You’re Pushing Me Away

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“After announcing a hiatus from his band, WeatherstarCameron Walker went on to a project that hit a bit more close to home. Thus, BROTHERS—the pop/rock duo comprised of Cameron and real life kin Julian Walker.”
“Following the duo’s first single, “12 Degrees,” comes today’s premiere of the track’s lyric video, and it’s far from the standard of lyrics flying around a buzzy background. Taking cues from the song’s lyrics, the video bounces between seasons and styles, appearing amidst rain and snow, and as handwritten words on notebook paper. These subtle touches aid in highlighting the song’s own significance to Cameron Walker himself.”

“I wrote ’12 Degrees’ about my ex-girlfriend. We were in an eight-year-long relationship that took some crazy turns and I definitely wasn’t ready for it. The last few years were really emotionally draining for me and this song pretty much sums it all up,” he says. “The feeling of losing some one who you loved more than anything, the cold nights alone in your room—wondering how two hearts that seemed inseparable could suddenly beat so out of sync. The fact that we never really had any closure was tearing me apart and I felt really confused. The only thing I could do was write.”

“12 Degrees was my way of saying I will always love you but goodbye,” Cameron continues. “Sometimes the best way to say goodbye is with a song.”



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