Glitters & Chocolates

First day of Christmas vacation.

Woke up late because we got home late last night, tired, and I still did some stuff on the internet. Usually, when we wake up late, we just have lunch outside, but this time my mother wanted to cook the giant prawns that were given to my dad, along with other giant fishes. So yup we got out late.

This is what I got from S&R, along with the Mac & Cheese thing wherein you just have to pour water or something. Yummmmmmmm.


My dad mainly bought some stuff that he’s gonna give as gifts to his officemates. I wanted to buy their delicious pizza and other stuff but we’re still about to go to Glorietta (my mom wanted to buy something) so I’m like I’ll just buy their pizza next time I’m fine with these chocolates lol.

So we went to Glorietta and guess what I scored? This lovely pair of studded sparkly gold flats from CMG! I saw it while on the escalator and I was like Oh that’s beautiful but nah it won’t fit me. My parents saw it too and they said those shoes looked small. We went back and we found out that these are kids shoes! Yay! I love it!


We went to SM Makati afterwards. Praise the heavens for the department store has Ipanema Kids! I’ve always wanted this flip flops with slings at the back but I couldn’t get one because everything’s just too big for me, so I’m really happy that their kids section now have better designs! There were 2 pink designs that I like, unfortunately, they already ran out of my size. Will def go to other branches to search for those pairs! And, can I just add here that Sugarkids was literally a mess. I found some cute shoes but there were lots of kids trying lots of shoes which are scattered all over, and all the salesladies were very busy so nvm.

Can’t wait to hit the mall again soon!

Blog Title inspired by the song Coffee & Cigarettes – by Never Shout Never


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