Breaking Free


Today is my last final exam: Business and Income Taxation, 6-8pm. I kinda crammed on this subject because my mind is already in vacation mode. Tried to stay up all night but it’s like almost nothing’s entering my head so I decided to just sleep since I still have time the next day. Honestly, I didn’t think I was ready for the exam. I thought there’s still much to read in the book. But I was like, I don’t care anymore I just want this to be over. And I was a bit relaxed because I have a decent pre-final grade. Although of course I still made an effort to review because I don’t want to get a low grade. And then I, along with my other classmates, finished the exam at past 7pm. Whoa. Not that I’m bragging, but the exam was quite easy, or in other words, easier compared to the quizzes that were given to us. Overall, I enjoyed answering it, most probably because it’s not as hard as I expected it to be, and the choices in the modified true or false part are just epic! Hahaha.

After my exam, we went to SM Mall of Asia. I was supposed to treat my parents for dinner at my favorite restaurant Gotti’s (You should try their Godfather Pizza!). But then 4 other people (which includes my cousin and my uncle) joined us so I’m like no I’m not paying for that hahahaha. So yup my parents paid for dinner lol.


I really don’t like roaming around the mall with a group of older guys so I, along with my dad, parted with the others.

We first went to Terranova because I noticed that a lot of people are carrying their paper bags. And guess what? I scored this very nice lace cardigan! I got this for only P595 and it was originally P1200+ or P2100+ (I don’t exactly remember) I really love it! It’s also available in other colors. I was supposed to avail their Buy 2 Get 3rd for P65 promo but I just couldn’t find anything else that I like. My dad saw a really cute top but they’re out of S sizes. (What I usually buy in Terranova are XS casual tank tops which are unavailable right now in this branch).


My next stop was Astroplus. I’m so happy to finally have my own copy of Best Intentions! I got a bit heartbroken at first because I couldn’t find the CD from the shelf where I first saw it and the saleslady told me it’s already out of stock. But then we saw another one at the side, and it really IS the last stock! Haha. And I’m so happy to see my saleslady friend again 🙂


Then we went to Kamiseta. I usually buy here only if they are on sale but I just couldn’t resist this little black dress! I bought this at a regular price of P999. Funny how I tried to fit the XS size on me (because my Kamiseta tops are XS) but I’m actually S on this dress! Lol.


Next, we went to Forever21. I checked out their wedge sneakers because I really need a pair of those which I can wear on concerts (I’m small so I could  really use a little more height). Unfortunately, the smallest size of the styles I want is 6. I was kinda hoping they’d have 5 and I could just wear thick socks because I’m size 4. Oh well. For the clothes, I just did a quick browse because F21’s smallest adult size is quite big on me. I’m stuck in their kids’ section. Sigh.

I still wanted to go around the mall but it’s already midnight so we had to go home. But I’m definitely coming back because I need to purchase that pink wallet I saw at egg!

Happy Holidays and have a nice Christmas vacation everyone! 🙂

Blog Title inspired by the song Breaking Free – High School Musical


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