Music Is Not My Religion


(photo by Shaymless)

It’s about 4am and I’m still awake because it’s finals week. I had to be online because I’m doing research for these papers that I’m working on. Then I had a notification on Facebook. My friend Jesus Castro posted this:

“It’s stupid just comparing the two. Just because fans look up to musicians doesn’t mean we compare them to a god. Just because we’d rather listen to music than pray when we’re depressed, doesn’t mean that we compare music to religion. Comparing the two is idiotic.

I’m in no place to talk about this because I choose to be an atheist, but I still speak as a current member of the Church for reasons I will not state. Religion is like a way of living. Choosing a Religion means choosing the rules to live by, the principles you follow. Music is more of an escape. We or at least I would say that music to me feels like what drugs or alcohol feels like to some people. I listen to music to lock things out of perception. You would rather kneel and pray, but it’s not that easy. I would rather just plug in earphones and play music, because I would like to hear the soothing words and rhythm than just kneel and talk while the other side just listens. I’m not saying that there’s no God, I still have respect for Religion even if I choose not to believe them. I’m just saying that I’d rather listen than just speak.

When you’re sad, sure it’s okay to talk about your problems. But isn’t it much easier to just listen to someone say/sing lines like “Tell me everything, it’ll be alright” (The Maine, Color)?We’re not choosing Music over Religion. We’re not comparing Music with Religion. We still have respect for Religion. We’re just proving a point why we choose to sit listen than kneel and pray.”

I agree with this. No matter how much I love music, I get annoyed and hurt in a way whenever I read “Music Is My Religion” on people’s shirts, social networking sites, etc. Music has made a great impact in my life and it’s something I didn’t really expect. I would no longer explain that because this blog post will be too long if I did. Anyway, I’m sorry if you’re one of those people who declare that music is your religion. I’m not judging anyone. I’m just saying that I find it quite improper to treat musicians/music as god.

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