Can We Push Push Push Rewind?

Despite all the bad things that happened to me this year, 2012 is so far the best year of my life – not only because of all the concerts I went to and all the musicians I met, but also because of other things that happened to me. Anyway, here’s a flashback of the events I went to this year! Continue reading


2012 (Best Singles Ever)

Last year, I made a list of my Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2011. This year, however, not much albums caught my intention. In fact, I was quite disappointed with the recent releases of some of my favorite bands ūüė¶ Anyway, here is a list of my top favorite songs – singles released this 2012! Continue reading

Planes, Oceans & Symphonies

Weatherstar (1)

Posting this blog because I recently fell in love with a man named Cameron Walker.

I first found out about him many months ago (or even more than a year ago) through Jordan Witzigreuter (The Ready Set). I was just creeping Jordan’s twitter and noticed that he is good friends with Cameron. I checked the latter’s twitter and discovered that he’s a musician who is known as Weatherstar. And I’m like wow I should keep an eye on this guy and check out his music some time. But then I was too preoccupied with other stuff that I didn’t get the chance, and I kinda forgot also, to listen to some of his songs. Continue reading

Manila (Best Venue Ever)


It’s past midnight and I was multi-tasking on the internet – blogging, tweeting, catching up on the things I missed, etc. I went to The Ready Set‘s FB page and checked the latest posts. I came across this Cambio interview. At first I thought they were just gonna play an acoustic version of Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) but then it was cut and Jordan just started to answer questions. I was just watching, and I got a mini heart attack when I heard that he mentioned Manila!

“At the beginning of the year, we played in Manila, in the Philippines. It was like amazing. It was like one of the coolest shows.”

I couldn’t get the right code for the video itself since it’s not on YouTube, so here’s the link where you can watch it.

Lastly, I would just like to repost the interview wherein Jordan mentioned that Manila was his favorite. Aww memories.


Blog Title inspired by the song Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) РThe Ready Set

Glitters & Chocolates

First day of Christmas vacation.

Woke up late because we got home late last night, tired, and I still did some stuff on the internet. Usually, when we wake up late, we just have lunch outside, but this time my mother wanted to cook the giant prawns that were given to my dad, along with other giant fishes. So yup we got out late.

This is what I got from S&R, along with the Mac & Cheese thing wherein you just have to pour water or something. Yummmmmmmm.


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