Radio Oh Oh

Just yesterday, I discovered a really cool thing. I went online on Facebook and saw a post by Philippine Music Charts.

WOW! This is just amazing. First of all, I didn’t know that GMYH is being played in other radio stations except RX 93.1. And knowing that a song by your favorite band or artist is on a top something list is gives fans such a great feeling, right?!

After celebrating for a few minutes, I stalked the page of PH Music Charts. I got even happier when I saw that GMYH is #9 on the same station’s Top 40 list!

But unfortunately, Killerbee Cebu is the only radio station (from their list) that plays the song.. but still!! I scrolled down for so long and I discovered how the song climbed the charts (Top 40) LIKE A BOSS.

According to this post, GMYH peaked at #2 on the Most Wanted list. The other previous posts about the Top 40 list show that the song entered at #37, then #27, then #14, then #9!! Wow, just WOW!!!

This really made my day!!!


Blog Title inspired by the songĀ Radio – by Hot Chelle Rae


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