Life of the Party (Best Friends Ever)

Days or weeks after Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) was released back in May, The Ready Set and hosted a cover contest. Prizes include: Skype call from TRS, signed album, feature of the winning video on TRS’ and TB’s website, and a sponsorship. Of course, lots of fans went crazy about this, even me! This made me wish I know how to play a guitar (I still do! And hopefully I can learn before I graduate; I’m fine with my voice but I really want to improve in that part too).

Since I didn’t join the contest, I didn’t really keep an eye on the entries. And so during the announcement of the winners weeks after, I was kinda shocked. Sorry for this, but I was expecting that a girl would get the grand prize. Idk, I’m not saying that TRS is only for girls, maybe it’s just that I don’t see a lot of guys joining such contests. But then I realized, this dude must be after that sponsorship thingy. I didn’t really watch his video since I usually don’t enjoying watching fan covers, especially of my favorite songs.

And now it’s already November. One of my friends tweeted the winning video. And I checked it out.

WOW. Just wow! As soon as the video started to play, I was like “Omg this dude has a really cool voice”. I was expecting that the cover itself is great but the video would be boring, but NO. Just before the chorus, a girl and a boy walked at the background, and during the chorus, a group of people went to the background and started dancing. Now THAT is awesome. I am amazed by the support of his friends, and how happy they are dancing in the background. They brought life to the video. Having high quality video and audio is also plus points. This dude really deserves to win! Great job, Austin and friends!

Blog Title inspired by the song Life of the Party – by Forever The Sickest Kids & Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) by The Ready Set

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