Confessions of a Business Student

For this term, I’m taking up MARKET2. Part of our requirements for this subject is to sell stuff from various DLSU-accredited companies and reach our quota of P60,000. At first, I thought it wasn’t that hard since a lot of people succeeded. It was also exciting for me since I’m gonna sell stuff continuously (and we have suppliers) and I will earn a bit.

Around 2-3 weeks after the first day of selling, I started to feel hopeless. Why? Well, I observed that most of my classmates already have high sales because they are able to sell gadgets and other expensive stuff to their relatives (some of them just bought from themselves.) That was also the tip given to me by some of my friends who had already taken this subject.

Then I realized that I can’t do that, except for like two of my cousins. I don’t want to explain everything in details, but in short, most of my uncles/aunts live very far away from Manila and they just couldn’t afford most of those things. The feeling of bitterness started to come to me. As they triumph in their sales, I’m like, “Sige, kayo na may rich relatives.” Seriously. Like my other friends can buy stuff worth 2k-5k even without anyone ordering from them first, because they know themselves that some of their relatives will buy it.

I kept on thinking about this situation (couldn’t help it) and I ended up thinking about other things – like how I sometimes feel so little being in the College of Business. Why? Well, several, if not most, of my classmates have family businesses, if not, they at least have friends who are business owners. And I’m like, okay…

Anyway, back to the point. It’s already the first week of November, and I haven’t reached half of the quota. This time, I know myself that I won’t reach the quota. I already accepted the fact that I will fail in this project (this doesn’t mean I will fail in my subject, I will just get a lower grade), but still, I am willing to do my best to at least get to the point nearest to success.

That is all.

P.S. I will establish my own business someday. Wait and see 🙂

Blog Title inspired by the song Confessions of a Broken Heart – by Lindsay Lohan


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