Life of the Party (Best Friends Ever)

Days or weeks after Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) was released back in May, The Ready Set and hosted a cover contest. Prizes include: Skype call from TRS, signed album, feature of the winning video on TRS’ and TB’s website, and a sponsorship. Of course, lots of fans went crazy about this, even me! This made me wish I know how to play a guitar (I still do! And hopefully I can learn before I graduate; I’m fine with my voice but I really want to improve in that part too).

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Confessions of a Business Student

For this term, I’m taking up MARKET2. Part of our requirements for this subject is to sell stuff from various DLSU-accredited companies and reach our quota of P60,000. At first, I thought it wasn’t that hard since a lot of people succeeded. It was also exciting for me since I’m gonna sell stuff continuously (and we have suppliers) and I will earn a bit. Continue reading