Acoustic Version of the Best Song Ever + Cameron Walker

I started going crazy as soon as I played the video. I’ve been wanting to hear The Ready Set‘s own acoustic version since I heard the EP with covers by different bands. I have to say that this version is perfect, as well as Jordan himself. Just like what my friends said, it’s like he’s getting more and more handsome each day! I also felt happy when my friends (those who aren’t big fans of TRS) actually told me that they love this version :’)

The moment I saw Cameron Walker, TRS’ new touring bassist, on the video, my sadness about Andy Snyder‘s departure somehow vanished. Yes, to be honest, Cameron is so asdfsdg, but not as asdgdfgfhfdasdfad as Jordan. Haha. I tweeted and posted this video, and some of my friends actually asked who is the new bassist and they said lots of great things about him. It made me feel excited and happy.

I’ve known Cameron Walker (only by name) for a while now, since I see him and Jordan tweeting each other and I kinda took notice of him because he’s also a musician. I don’t really know much about him yet. But what I know from before is that Cameron also makes music as WeatherStar, but idk just recently I’ve seen a photo of WS and there’s him and his brother I think, so I’m not so sure if WS is just Cameron, or the two of them. Sorry but I haven’t tried to listen to any of their songs, though a friend of mine suggested a song called Postcards (which I will check later on).

After this happened, I kinda stalked him a little bit and discovered more things. I found out that WeatherStar is going on a hiatus – I saw Cameron post a link to their StageIt show and it said “Farewell Show”. I think this is to give way for Cameron to play bass for TRS on tour. Another thing I discovered is that he has a side project. He’s in a band called 1985, and I think he’s with other dudes from other bands. I have yet to research about these things. But if you’re reading this, you MUST listen to this amazing song:

And, I also just learned that he has another side project called Brothers. It is composed of Cameron & Julian Walker. So I’m thinking maybe WeatherStar is just Cameron.

Lastly, can I just say that Cameron Walker kinda looks like Christofer Drew of Never Shout Never?! I noticed that since the first time I saw a photo of Cameron, and one of my friends even thought that CDrew is the one in the first video. Haha.


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