Goodnight & Goodbye

The time has come. Tonight, I FINALLY witnessed a Jonas Brothers concert. I’ve been a fan since 2007, and I waited for this moment for 5 years, though I’m not as hardcore as the others (photo above is not mine).

Okay so before the show, I stayed backstage and I was able to see the stage itself beforehand, thanks to my friend Kristen and their family friend (idk if I’m allowed to post the name online – BUT OMG SUPER THANK YOU PO!). We were hanging out at the catering area and the other people there are part of the Jonas & Anna Maria crew/family. And I can quite hear them talking about business, like how the merch is gonna be priced, that they are waiting for people to pick up some stuff, etc.

Afterwards, I went out to get my wedges from my dad (since I wanted to be taller during the show, in other words, I want to get better view). As my friend and I walked outside the room, the Jonas Brothers just passed by omg. Joe didn’t notice us because he was in front. Kevin smiled and waved at us saying “Hey guys!”. Nick smiled a little and nodded at us. Kristen and I were just laughing afterwards because it was so unexpected. Haha.

They did soundcheck afterwards. We went back to the stage. But we were kinda scolded by the manager(?) of the JoBros, and us girls were told to vacate the area. Oh well.

(photo by Kristen)

We went back to the catering area. Since the door is open, we keep on seeing the boys pass by. Later on, their musicians grabbed something to eat. They were sitting almost next to us. I was afraid to take a photo, plus I don’t really know their names (except Ryan and Greg). Later on Greg (my new crush) and his wife went inside the room. I was staring at him, hoping that he remembers me from yesterday. But he didn’t notice me lol.

Afterwards, we visited Anna Maria in her dressing room. Once again, I got starstruck by her beauty. The moment she opened the door, I noticed that she kinda stared at me. I really wasn’t able to talk because I was distracted by her pretty face. Then when Kristen told her that I was at her Meet & Greet few days ago, she said, “Oh yeah, I remember you” – Awww! ♥ Now, here’s my photo with her, taken by her dad! 🙂

She’s so beautiful and I love her style! Her outfits are so asdfsgdg!

Kristen and I went back to the catering area. Then we were just walking around when we saw Greg, his wife Paris, Ryan, and another person (I don’t completely remember omg). I was smiling at Greg, and he stared at us. He has that look that says we look familiar. I couldn’t forget his reaction that time. Lol. And then my friend said that we met him yesterday and then he remembered. Then he’s like, “Do you guys know where’s the mall?” and Kristen said “Oh, we can show you”. And yes we literally showed them the way to the mall. We didn’t get to take a photo with them though. But oh I shook Paris’ soft hands 🙂

Again, we went back to the catering area. The guy who holds the Meet & Greet passes, as we were told by Kristen’s friend, came inside. She talked to him about stuff. Later on, that person gave us passes! Thank you so much Kristen!

When the time has come, people with Meet & Greet passes were gathered in one area. And as soon as we’re on the way to the M&G room, most girls already started to scream like crazy. I don’t really understand why they did that. Maybe it’s because I already saw and kinda met them earlier. But idk. That kind of screaming never happened in my previous M&G’s with other bands. Anyway, we were now outside the room. While waiting, the official photographer took a photo of me and Kristen since we’re both wearing Jonas Brothers shirts. While outside, we were given instructions. To my surprise: NO KISSING, NO HUGGING, NO AUTOGRAPH SIGNING. wth? I would understand the first and last part, but the hugging part, WHY? But wait…there’s more! To my disappointment, the M&G session last for only less than a minute. As soon as I got in, it was Kevin who first greeted me. He was nice enough to offer his hand, so we could shake hands, then he actually talked to us and said “Hi, I’m Kevin. Nice to meet you. Thanks for coming”. Joe just kinda stared and smile a bit at me, same with Nick (I don’t really remember if we shook hands). Sorry Nick, I can’t help but post this. In the photo, I was beside Nick. Since we can’t really touch them, I tried to put my right arm on Nick’s left arm. And guess what? He removed his arm. I thought he was gonna put his arm on my friend’s shoulder, but he didn’t. Oh well. Anyway, the M&G was very quick. I’m sorry for sounding ungrateful. But honestly, I really am thankful for all these perks that I got, it’s just that I can’t help but feel sad, hurt, and disappointed, because of how us, fans, were treated.

We then went to the main venue. We were trying to look for our seats (there were no numbers in our area) then we found the person who gave us the passes. We thanked him, and to my surprise, he exchanged our tickets (9th row) to his 2nd row tickets! Oh my goodness! Thank you so much!

I’m so happy to see my new friend Bethany (I met her at Anna Maria’s M&G) but   we weren’t able to really talk as the show is about to start. Kristen and I went to our seats now and shortly afterwards, the show finally started.

Anna Maria is THE BOMB. I am very impressed by her performances. I enjoyed so much! She opened with Rihanna’s “Only Girl” and then Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away”. I knew that she was going to sing Filipino songs as she mentioned in her Meet & Greet last Sunday that she has a surprise. She sang a medley of Please Be Careful With My Heart, Torete, and Hinahanap-Hanap Kita! Afterwards she sang two original songs (the ones in her CD), Insomnia & Movin’ To The Music. Well, I haven’t listened to the CD since I bought it so I was quite surprised when I heard these songs since they sound very familiar! I’m not really sure where I’ve heard them though – maybe on some tv show or something. The crowd was very energetic. They were jumping and doing crazy arm movements!

(video by Nyrah Lobrido)

The lights went dim again after Anna Maria went off the stage. The security people were panicking and having a hard time because of the crazy fans who were forcing to get as close as they can to the stage. After a couple of minutes, the Jonas Brothers finally took the stage.

I really don’t know where to start. Of course I am super happy ’cause I finally saw the Jonas Brothers on stage. But I guess I expected too much from them. First of all, I didn’t like their setlist. I saw their setlist at their recent show at Radio City Music Hall in the US. It has a lot of songs and many people say that it may also be their setlist in Manila. I didn’t want to believe it because I didn’t like it. Unfortunately, it was the same one.

They opened it with When You Look Me In The Eyes. Now this I do not understand. First songs are supposed to be like an upbeat one, you know, something that will bring out the energy from the crowd. Instead, they played this song first. And yes, I started to cry during this first song. No shame. But seriously it would be wayyyy better if they played this during around the halftime of the show.

To be honest, the show was boring. I was expecting something like a rock show since they ARE the Jonas Brothers, and yes I was looking forward to jumping and singing along as they play my favorite songs. But I was bored. I think half of the show, they played mellow songs. I’m not very familiar with the other songs that they played. I don’t really listen much to their recent album. I’m more into their first albums. I expected they’d play their old songs to make up for the years of waiting but no.. They didn’t even play Year 3000! I’m also disappointed that they played a different version of their other songs. The version of Hold On that they played was horrible. And to think that it’s one of my top favorite songs of the JoBros and I was excited to hear it live. There was another song, I think it was Pushin’ Me Away, that they played a different version of, and I didn’t like it either.

In all the previous shows I’ve been to, no matter how tired I already am or how much my feet hurt, I never sat except during technical breaks. But during this show, I did. That’s a first for me. Aside from that, there was not much fan interaction. Well, they do talk to the fans, but just a little. I didn’t feel connected with the band.

I was also pissed off during the show. I was at the second row right? Some people actually stood on the chairs at the first row. HOW INCONSIDERATE. I understood those who ran to the barricade in front but omg to stand on the chair on the first row? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Because of that, Kristen and I had no choice but to also stand on our chairs since we cannot see. The security people just didn’t have enough “””power”””. I was also pissed at this girl who’s like recording the entire show. GIRL your camera’s freakin’ distracting!

There were lots of negative parts of the show but there are also good ones. My favorite moment was when they played Lovebug. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of this song (but I like it though) but this moment is just epic. Most of the time, my favorite part of the show is when the crowd was singing the song as loud as they can. This is too awesome.

(video by Manila Concert Scene)

Also, I have to say that I did like their new songs Let’s Go and Wedding Bells. The first one was upbeat and catchy. The second one was sad and romantic. A significant thing about Wedding Bells is that it was written for Miley Cyrus. I’ve always supported Niley.

This photo is not very clear but I posted it because of Kevin’s gold glittery guitar! I love it! Haha.

And this is a photo of Joe Jonas when he went down the stage. I was shocked when he did this! (Reminds me of when Jordan Witzigreuter went down the stage and ran across the aisle during LIV5 Trinoma) I said I was on the second row but there were like 3-4 layers of people in front of the first row seats lol.

And I just cannot end this post without posting a photo of my new band crush, their bassist Greg Garbowsky. How adorable that his wife, Paris, is also the back-up vocalist!

The boys ended the show with Burnin’ Up!

After the show, I went in line to buy a shirt. Then I met up with my friend Iza to give her an autographed photo of Anna Maria and to have a quick chat with her. I wish we could’ve hangout a little more but it was late and we both need to go home already.

Overall, it was an epic and unique experience – something that I will tell my kids someday. Thank you so much to everyone who made everything possible. I owe you tons. And thank you Lord for granting my desire.

(Although I have to say that for the first time in my life, I think I love a band LESS after seeing them live. Irdk.)

I’d like to end this post by repeating what I posted as my Facebook status as soon as I got home – Don’t know if I expected too much from the Jonas Brothers or if that was really quite a boring show. Don’t know if it’s the security or the boys’ attitude.

Oh btw! I mentioned that their official photographer took a picture of me and Kristen, right? Well, guess who’s in this video! Haha.

P.S. Check out Manila Concert Scene’s concert review.

Blog Title inspired by the song Goodnight & Goodbye – by Jonas Brothers


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