It’s About Time

Around two days before the 18th, I got a text message from my friend Kristen, inviting me to the presscon of the Jonas Brothers on the said date. Of course it was good news for me. I was surprised. But then after a minute, I realized that I have class that time and it’s not really safe to cut it since we’re about to discuss a new topic.  But then, I also realized that it’s THE Jonas Brothers – this opportunity is rare; lots of girls are doing their best on the contest to win passes, while in my case, I was being asked if I want to come, meaning, I don’t really have to do anything but just come on the day. I took the opportunity.

October 18. I was still on the way to the hotel but I started to fear that my entry will be refused (as it happened months ago when I went to a different hotel to see some of my favorite bands). An hour before the presscon, I was dropped by my dad at the entrance and yes I was able to go inside the hotel, no questions asked. My friend arrived after a few minutes. We talked a little and I gave her an extra autographed photo of Anna Maria Perez de Tagle (she’s the opening act of the JoBros). We went to the second floor because there were no vacant chairs in the lobby. While waiting, she checked her twitter and saw that Nick just posted this photo:

We looked downstairs and OMG we just spotted the boys. I can’t believe it. I really couldn’t explain how I felt as it was the first time I laid my eyes on them.

(photo by Kristen)

We immediately went downstairs. We were just a few feet away from the boys now. We didn’t dare to go near them because it would be disrespectful. We also met two other fans, and gosh, one of them was really crying. After a couple of minutes, their bassist Greg Garbowsky went out (I don’t want to lie, I didn’t know him yet at that time), and I was able to get a photo with him, as well as the two other girls. The first one was blurred so I asked him “Can I get another photo with you? It’s blurred.” and he’s like “Oh sure” – How sweet! ♥

(pic is still a bit blurred but the memory will last forever. WHAT. haha)

After that, the hotel security told us not to ask for photos from anyone from the band or crew. Props to them for saying it in a nice way. Kristen’s cousins arrived and after that, their family friend (idk if I’m allowed to post his name on the internet??) arrived and got us inside the room where the presscon is to be held.

We were seated at the second to the last row but when the boys showed up I went in front (sides) so that I’ll get closer to them. I really couldn’t remember most of the questions and answers because I was too mesmerized. Haha. But seriously, it’s like I just want to stare at them the entire time. And btw, Nick sang a part of a Beatles song, and afterwards the group sang the chorus of Lovebug.

The presscon was hosted by VJ Bianca. I also say VJ Chino afterwards 🙂

Btw, here’s a photo that the boys posted earlier. Pretty cool, huh? 🙂

Blog Title from the title of the debut album of the Jonas Brothers.

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