Barefoot Cinderella

Last Sunday, Oct. 14, I went to Fil-Am Hollywood and Broadway actress Anna Maria‘s Meet & Greet / Fans Gathering at Resorts World Manila. She’s known for playing Ashley (one of the mean girls in Hannah Montana) and Ella (from Camp Rock).

The time of start of the program was unclear. At first, Anna said it was 5pm, then moved to 6pm, then Resorts World tweeted 5:30pm, and then Anna said 5pm again. Nonetheless, my parents and I arrived at the venue few minutes after 4pm. I always go to such events at least an hour before the start. To my surprise, there were no fans and no merch table yet. And so, we killed time by applying for a card and just roaming around. When I got back to the venue, there were some girls already and some employees in charge of the event. I didn’t know what to do yet since the employees themselves weren’t given instructions yet, so they do not know the answers to my questions. I was makulit at first because I wanted to make sure that I meet Anna. I ended up staying near the table which, I was told, was going to be the merch table. While waiting, I was beside this girl (she’s one of the winners of the twitter promo, I heard from the conversation). After a couple of minutes, her mom approached my dad who was sitting just 3 steps away from us. It turns out, they’ve met during a previous company event or something. Then of course, I started a conversation with the girl, Chrismarie, and we just talked about fangirl stuff together. That was pretty cool. Haha.

The employees then asked us to fix our “line” and yup I was first in line because I stayed where I was. I didn’t listen to those who were telling people to go away first because those who watched “King & I” will be coming out. (Actually I was about to go and uhm try to go to the legit-ish line behind, but then my dad told me to stay, so yay! lol). Then it became two lines. While in line, people were either talking to their friends or texting/tweeting. But I was there in front and I saw that Anna Maria was already there! She was a bit far at first but oh my god her beauty is so asdgsdfhsd. She looked at us then I waved and the she waved back and I was like adsgadasdf so hard to stop my fangirl feelings (I didn’t scream though lol). And then some girls from behind shouted “Hi Anna!” and then she waved at them. (Later on I met one of those girls, Bethany, and I sat beside her and Chrismarie). But goodness, the fans were SO calm! That’s a first in my experience.

The merch table is now set up and we were allowed to start buying stuff. They were asking the second line to go first but idk I think they were adults (as I remember) and they went back idk why, so there I went to the table first. I was shocked by the prices! The CDs cost P400 each!!! I was shocked because the container was only made of cardboard (it doesn’t have a real case). I bought two (one for me and one for a friend). I’m even more shocked when I looked at the back afterwards and found out that there were only 2 songs. I didn’t even bother look at the prices of the shirts and mugs.  To be honest, the merchandise was disappointing. I mean, there was nothing special about them, like the designs are so simple.

I was first in line so I got stub #1. The card was, I think, a mistake because I was already given one at the merch table and I was asked to write my name and drop it at the glass bowl. VIP feelzz all around. Why? Well, the venue was classy (if that’s the right word) and people were assisting you, like where to go and stuff, and there were lots of cameras too. I got to sit on the front row,center stage, which is really cool. There were only  few people who went to the event but I wouldn’t conclude that Anna only has few fans here. I have some friends who wanted to come but couldn’t because of various reasons (exams, transportation, etc).

Anyway, the host finally welcomed Anna Maria and oh my god she is so stunning! I used to think that Selena Gomez is the most beautiful artist for me, but now I kinda doubt it. Maybe Anna Maria & Selena are both the prettiest for me now. Haha.

After the introduction was the Q&A session. Most questions were interesting. I discovered a lot of things about Anna Maria. I learned that her full name is Anna Maria Francesca Enriquez Perez de Tagle. WHOA. That’s just sooooo long. As soon as she said that, I remembered Esteban, one of the characters from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody (I don’t remember his full name in the TV show but I know that it’s also looooong). But fear not for she has a nickname! Haha. I don’t know if I spell it right but it’s Wenky.

I was quite amazed by how much she knows our language. I thought she only understands our language, I didn’t know that she can speak (and sing!) in Filipino. She sang Ikaw as requested by one of the fans, who turns out to be her cousin. Haha. After his last question, he was like “I’m your cousin btw” Lol.

(video to be uploaded soon)

I took the opportunity to ask a question: What is your most memorable moment while filming Hannah Montana?

Her answer is it was one time when she was out (I think she’s at the mall or something) then some little girl approached her and asked for a photo. She pointed out that Hannah Montana was the first job given to her by Disney, so it was life-changing for her. She also mentioned that the little girls were afraid of her (as she plays a mean girl) and it was the moms who usually approach her and say that their daughters want to have a picture with her. Haha.

The venue was filled with Anna’s family and friends. Her mom’s kababata was also there and asked which of the Filipino actors does she like. Before answering, she mentioned that she watches teleseryes from abroad! Wow. That must me she knows our language well. And then she answered with Enrique Gil.  Haha.

I don’t remember all the questions & answers and this post would be too long if I wrote them all down. I really had an amazing time. I loved the venue and the fans (for not being wild) and the security (for not being strict).

I printed photos for myself and for my friends who couldn’t come. Thank God security wasn’t tight (In most signings, only one CD is allowed to be signed). Oh, and I won a Gen Ad ticket! I just gave it to one of my friends a while ago.

Here’s a link to a news report about Anna Maria. I was in the video! Lol they showed a clip of me asking the question 🙂

Lastly, here’s a great article I found on the internet 🙂

Blog Title inspired by the song Barefoot Cinderella – by Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana Forever Soundtrack)


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