Give Me Your Hand

The music video of The Ready Set’s latest single Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) premiered on MTV’s website last October 3.

As usual, non-US residents had to wait a little longer before they can view the video. But I’m following a couple of American fangirls on twitter and certain comments appeared on my timeline. I also checked TRS’ twitter. I was a bit shocked and nervous because of the things I read. I’m cool with the idea that the video is about partying at daytime but then I read that the video was quite scandalous and the like. I didn’t know if they were exaggerating or if they’re just joking or something. Then I saw comments such as “boobie land” and then there were girls kissing and stuff like that. I got a little more nervous. But what really pissed me off (and made me even more nervous!) is this certain American “””fan”””. Oh you wouldn’t believe all her tweets. I can’t believe she tweeted Jordan all those bad and disgusting things, and even called his mom a b*tch! Oh my god. There was a little Twitter war that time. I got nervous because maybe that girl has a little point with few of the things she said (except all those shizz), considering that I’m a bit sensitive (compared to most) when it comes to party videos.

The following day, the video can now be viewed internationally. What the hell, NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THE VIDEO. It was amazing! I was even dancing while watching it haha. And oh, of course Jordan – forever handsome! Idk what else to say. The song as well as the video is awesome. What made me feel so good is seeing my friends post and tweet about how they love the new video!

Check out this great article at!

Lyric Video:


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