Her Bright Skies releases new single “Lovekills” from their upcoming album Rivals.
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Acoustic Version of the Best Song Ever + Cameron Walker

I started going crazy as soon as I played the video. I’ve been wanting to hear The Ready Set‘s own acoustic version since I heard the EP with covers by different bands. I have to say that this version is perfect, as well as Jordan himself. Just like what my friends said, it’s like he’s getting more and more handsome each day! I also felt happy when my friends (those who aren’t big fans of TRS) actually told me that they love this version :’) Continue reading

It’s About Time

Around two days before the 18th, I got a text message from my friend Kristen, inviting me to the presscon of the Jonas Brothers on the said date. Of course it was good news for me. I was surprised. But then after a minute, I realized that I have class that time and it’s not really safe to cut it since we’re about to discuss a new topic.  But then, I also realized that it’s THE Jonas Brothers – this opportunity is rare; lots of girls are doing their best on the contest to win passes, while in my case, I was being asked if I want to come, meaning, I don’t really have to do anything but just come on the day. I took the opportunity. Continue reading