Her Bright Skies releases new single “Lovekills” from their upcoming album Rivals.
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Acoustic Version of the Best Song Ever + Cameron Walker

I started going crazy as soon as I played the video. I’ve been wanting to hear The Ready Set‘s own acoustic version since I heard the EP with covers by different bands. I have to say that this version is perfect, as well as Jordan himself. Just like what my friends said, it’s like he’s getting more and more handsome each day! I also felt happy when my friends (those who aren’t big fans of TRS) actually told me that they love this version :’) Continue reading

A Little More Voice

When I started to watch this video, I was like oh my god. Poor Jordan. But I really admire what he did. Despite being so sick, he still went on with the show. Now that’s just amazing, right? And of course, his friends and his proud giants helped him get through this!

Blog Title inspired by the song A Little More – by The Ready Set

It’s About Time

Around two days before the 18th, I got a text message from my friend Kristen, inviting me to the presscon of the Jonas Brothers on the said date. Of course it was good news for me. I was surprised. But then after a minute, I realized that I have class that time and it’s not really safe to cut it since we’re about to discuss a new topic.  But then, I also realized that it’s THE Jonas Brothers – this opportunity is rare; lots of girls are doing their best on the contest to win passes, while in my case, I was being asked if I want to come, meaning, I don’t really have to do anything but just come on the day. I took the opportunity. Continue reading