I La La Love The Cab

Tonight I attended the last of the The Cab‘s series of free shows in Manila.

When I arrived at Glorietta with my friend Kim, the band was doing soundcheck at the venue. Hearing them play as I was walking on the way to the activity is enough reason to run. I really did (I did the same back in LIV5 because I was late lol). There were already a lot of people outside the venue so I really couldn’t get a good view, but it was fine ’cause I get to see them later during the show itself. After seeing a glimpse of them, I went to the merch booth to buy a shirt. There were 2 designs available – one is a white shirt that has a colorful “The Cab” on it, and the other is a black shirt that has “Living Louder” printed on it. I like both designs but I have to choose just one because it costs P800 each (It was priced at P1100 each during their concert with Maroon 5 last Sept. 18). I ended up buying the black shirt, and a poster. Then we were just hanging outside McDonalds while watching and screaming for The Cab. Then Kuya Arman (I think he’s the head security) showed up near the stage and fangirls called him and waved and he waved back omg haha that was so funny he has fans now hahaha. Well, he actually has a Facebook page! LOL!

After a little while I met up with one of my college best friends, Pat. She then introduced me and Kim to her best friend Karey. We were having a fangirl conversation and then my dad arrived at the activity center (he parked the car first) and took my merch (so I won’t have to hold it during the show). Did you know that I almost lost my shirt?! It was placed inside a paper bag and it has no handle, and I probably dropped it when I hugged Pat. I just realized that I wasn’t holding it anymore, and thank God, when I looked behind me, I saw it on the floor! Whew! And then Casper arrived, and after a while we met Lara, one of the admins of @TheCabPhSt, and Christine, the admin of @JoeyThunderPH. They were so nice and friendly! And then, I met up with my online friend Alyssa (I’ve known her online for a while and it’s my first time to personally meet her, she also helps manage @JoeyThunderPH) to give her the ATL CD and poster she bought from me. I’d invite her to join us but then she has company.

Anyway, my concert buddies and I stayed near one of the entrances. While waiting, there’s this one creepy guy (he doesn’t look like a Soldier – The Cab fan) who is quite old. Why creepy? Well I was confused at that time about where the entrance for gold stubs really is (because ~reasons~) and I kinda mentioned the word “gold” and he looked at me. After that, he kept on looking and on my mind I was like wtf is wrong with you bro. Then he started staring at my bag too so yeah, I don’t have evidence but, ALAM NA. I was standing close to him and I didn’t want to go farther from the entrance so I just secured my bag. I observed that he was also looking at other people and their bags, and that F21 plastic bag.

When the guards are getting ready to let people in, I kinda forced (a little bit) myself to get nearer. And there’s this random girl who said, “go ate” haha but she said it in a good way. Casper was beside me and then there’s this other guy who thought I’m his gf omg. Anyway, we were finally let in and I got to the second row. I had a problem at first because the girl in front of me is so tall. But then I managed to move to my left (in front of Kim). I was still on the second row but the girls in front of me were just a little bit taller than me. As I moved, I was like “Ang tangkad kasi” but in a nice way okay. Then the tall guy at my right is friends with the tall girl. Then he kinda adjusted himself and he was asking me if my view is okay. Omg he’s so nice and so are the others (I will tell about it later). That comment of mine sparked a conversation between me and the girl in front of me. We started talking about how hard it is to be small at concerts. And she has this funny sign about The Carb, I mean, The Cab, hahaha, with the funny song titles lol. One of The Ready Set‘s bodyguards last February was in front of us. And he actually recognized me! Haha. I heard there was a little kid that was brought backstage during that time, and then the other girl near me joked about being a kid then she made herself look smaller then we kinda laughed then Kuya pointed at me and was like, “Eto bata”. Haha. And after a couple of minutes, he was like, “Oh, asan na mga tropa mo?” OMG LOL =))

The lights got dim and everyone was screaming and starting to get crazy. Before every Ayala show, a video is being played which features some of the previous bands that had concerts there. Can I just say that I AM SO BUTTHURT BECAUSE THEY REMOVED THE READY SET AND NEVER SHOUT NEVER FROM THE VIDEO. I am butthurt because ALL LIV5 bands except The Ready Set, and ALL LIV3 bands except Never Shout Never was in the video. AND TO THINK THAT LIV5 WAS JUST LAST FEBRUARY, AND THAT THE READY SET IS THE ENDORSER OF THE AYALA MALLS 360 APP. Yes I’m affected 😦 😦 😦

The Cab finally went on stage! Oh how I love the light effects! It was in sync with the instrumental intro of Temporary Bliss! Well, I didn’t have the best view I can get, even being on the second row, but idk it’s fine I mean they’re near and well they go to our side so yup. I can clearly remember how I put my hands up in the air (the up and down thingy) while they were playing this song last March during the Smash Project. Next song is Take My Hand, one of my favorites, “Calm your nerves now. Don’t worry. Just breathe” – Aaahh!! Next songs are Bad and Animal, followed by another favorite, Angel With A Shotgun. I was shocked when Alexander De Leon sang the chorus of One Direction‘s “What Makes You Beautiful” during the bridge part of their song. Lol! Last time, it was “We Found Love” by Rihanna. Then they played Intoxicated. They started it as just Alex singing and letting the crowd sing along, before the band started to play. It totally reminded me of last March (Sorry I can’t stop talking about Smash Project). Endlessly was played next, and to my surprise, one of my friends, Ericka, is brought on stage! Lucky girl! I was so happy for her that I got teary eyed as soon as I saw her start to cry on stage. That was actually a wonderful sight, witnessing a fangirl rush to band dudes to hug them and stuff like that. Beautiful. What happened up there is every fangirl’s dream and I’m happy that it came true for one of my friends! Although, to be honest, I got a little bit jealous when she danced with Joey Thunder. But then she’s my friend and jealousy won’t get me anywhere 🙂 I remember how she supported me back in May because I wanted to sing We’ll Be A Dream with We The Kings. She was the one who told me to make a sign, but I thought it was impossible and I wasn’t THAT confident (Well, it wouldn’t work anyway because they already picked someone to sing with them). The way she told me about that, I could see that she really cares and she wanted it to happen for me. Aww I love you Ericka! ♥ I’m praying for the same thing to happen to me when The Ready Set comes back, or when Allstar Weekend comes here, or even on the Jonas Brothers‘ show? Well, life is full of surprises and a fangirl can dream 😉

Living Louder was played next. I have to say that it’s one of the most inspiring songs ever written. Alex de Leon cried while singing :’) Oh, and it’s Casper’s favorite song! Lol :)) Bounce was the next song (It was the last song during Smash). I think this is the part when Singer (de Leon) was like “This is the last song” – he said it in a funny way, with matching fingers crossed. Hahaha. Oh, and I swear he stared at me during this song :)) I was expecting they’d play Vegas Skies after this (based on the TriNoma setlist) but they didn’t. My friend Sef was right. I saw him tweet something like, “To the ATC and Glorietta crowd, you have to chant Vegas Skies”. We actually did but it wasn’t loud. Singer then started to sing Her Love Is My Religion (without instruments) and the crowd sang along until the chorus. Last but not the least, La La! I was actually holding a sign that says “I La La ♥ Joey” but I don’t even think he noticed it during the show.

Some other points during the show. I was near the stage and my gosh, Alex Marshall is so attractive! No wonder a lot of girls are going crazy for him! Haha. And he plays both the piano and the guitar at concerts which is really awesome. Also, Joey Thunder‘s dance steps were ASDFSGDFS. Idk do you even call it a dance? Haha. I mean the thing he does with his feet and he does it with the beat of the drums (Dave Briggs). There’s this certain song (I forgot) where he was in the middle and he was doing just that. So cool!! I couldn’t see much of Chance Chantry (is that really his full name?), the touring guitarist, because he was on the left side and I was on the right, but I just gotta say that he’s also one attractive band dude. He kinda reminds me of Charles Trippy of We The Kings.

After the show, of course we didn’t immediately leave. Then, I was lucky enough to score a Meet & Greet pass! There was one guy (friend of Kim and Casper) who had extra stubs and gave one for both of them. I asked them if there are extra stubs but there are none. Then Casper gave his stub to me, he said it’s fine because I gave him entrance stubs anyway. Plus I think he already met the band last March?

This Meet & Greet session with The Cab is a dream come true for me. Why? It’s a solo photo! I’ve had two official meet & greets (The Ready Set & We The Kings) and both of them are group photos. I’ve always wanted a solo one (sometimes I’m selfish). I just couldn’t believe it. As soon as it was my turn, I rushed to Singer (he was the first in line) and hugged him. Then I kissed his lower cheek (I’m small okay haha) then he kinda laughed a bit. I felt his beard hahaha. I wasn’t able to speak. Then I hugged Dave, and I was like “How are you?” He said “I’m good” THEN FINALLY JOEY THUNDER BABY ♥. Oh my god. I can’t believe he squished!!!! I was expecting like a normal or quite intimate hug or something but then no he squished me and I was like ASDFSFG. Like it’s a little painful but IT’S A GOOD KIND OF PAIN. YA FEEL MEH?! Then I freaked out/lost my mind/whatever you call that. That I wasn’t even able to speak and look him in the eye and kiss his cheek (I regret the last one). I immediately proceeded to hug Alex Marshall ♥ Yummm. Hahahaha jk! But that so.. uh sweet? The weird thing is, as Marshall and I were hugging, Joey said, “That was a good hug” but I think he was referring to our hug? LOL IDK :)) Last but not the least, Chantry! I hugged him too and omg he was so nice, he actually started a conversation: “Hey what’s your name?” “Thea” “Hi Thea, thanks for coming to the show!” Awwww! ♥ I went in between Marshall and Thunder for the picture-taking, and I was surprised when I saw the photo! I didn’t know Joey leaned to me and made that funny face and omg don’t we look adorable?! ♥ When I got down the stage, Kuya Guard was there, smiling at me, and asked, “Oh, san ang next concert mo?” then I told him that I’m going to see the Jonas Brothers on the 19th! Stoked!

Then I saw some of my friends, Ericka, Vanessa, Gem, Carol, and more! It was so good to see them since it’s been months since the last! And just when I thought things couldn’t get any better….It did. Pat and Karey were in front (just behind the barricade near the stage) and I went to them. The guard was actually not letting me go there but I have Karey’s phone and I was giving it to them so the guard allowed me, and I just stayed there. And then oh my god, after the CD signing, the band went to the edge of the stage (I think they did it too during the M&G session) to sign some stuff! I had eye contact with Joey for like twice! (Dave didn’t come out and Chantry only signed from the left side so I wasn’t able to get their signatures). At first I was bummed because we weren’t allowed to have our stuff signed during the M&G  (only the first third of the people in line were allowed) so thank God this happened!

It was epic. I couldn’t believe those things happened to me.

But then, to be honest, for the “main show” part, I think I enjoyed more during Smash Project because I was literally jumping and singing along to every song back then and the people around me were doing the same. I’m sorry but the Glorietta crowd is quite boring. They don’t scream that loud and they don’t jump too much. But then the Glorietta crowd is the nicest I’ve ever encountered. It’s just that the strangers I interacted with were so kind and friendly, and they answer politely. They are so nice that I just couldn’t dislike the people with M&Gs who, unfortunately, don’t even know the names of the band members.

Overall, I had an amazing night! Need I say more? Haha.

(More photos soon)

Blog Title inspired by the song La La – by The Cab

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