12 Things I’ve Learned From Being A Fangirl

Recently, I’ve been seeing posts by my some of my friends, saying that they hate themselves for being fangirls and fanboys.

I myself even thought the same back then because this kind of lifestyle is quite hard. I mean, you want a lot of things (concert tickets, CDs, band merch, etc.) but you can’t have everything and it’s like you’re always broke. There are things that you want to buy online but the webstore doesn’t ship to the country, or shipping fee is too expensive (sometimes it even costs more than the product itself). Your favorite bands are always on tour in America, and more.

However, no matter how difficult things may seem, I realized that being a fangirl has taught me a lot of things, and made me a better person:

1. There is no such thing as “impossible”.

I think this idea is already kinda mainstream. I’ve already been told the same thing but I didn’t really mind it back then. My perception changed when Miley Cyrus came to the Philippines, her only Asian stop on her tour. I never even dreamed about her coming here, mainly because she is a very successful artist, and this is “just” the Philippines (Sorry, that’s how I think sometimes – can’t help it). Years ago, I told myself that someday I’ll go to America to watch some shows of my favorite Disney acts (Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato,  Selena Gomez). But then Miley came here, as well as Joe Jonas.


I thought the same way for bands that are not mainstream such as The Ready Set, The Summer Set, and Forever The Sickest Kids. They do have fans here but not so much because their songs and music videos are barely played on the radio and television (except for Love Like Woe by The Ready Set, I think?). But even though they are not THAT famous, they were brought here by producers. And that is just amazing!

2. Everyone can be creative. Sometimes you just need a little push.

When I was younger (before I went to school until my early grade school years), I drew and colored a lot. I completely stopped doing all these things when I got older probably because I focused on academics and I got fascinated by computer games and the internet. And then I see photos (or actual) artworks of my friends and I’m like, “Why can’t I be that creative?”. I observed the same thing with some of my friends.

But then there was LIV5. One time when I got home, as soon as I opened the browser, I saw MMI‘s meet & greet contests. After reading everything, I instantly grabbed a notebook and started writing ideas for the contest. I was  shocked with myself. Lots of ideas just came rushing to me then I started planning everything. I guess it’s because I badly wanted to meet my favorite band, The Ready Set.

I ended up creating a lip sync video of Young Forever by The Ready Set. Thank you, MMI!

3. From shy gal to friendly gal


I used to be a very shy and quiet girl. But when I started to regularly attend concerts, I started meeting new people. For that reason, my level of shyness went down, and now I am more confident to interact with people. This has helped me a lot. Now that I’m in college, I have classes in which I literally know no one. Because of the confidence that I gained, I now have the courage to start conversations with strangers and make friends with them. Yay!

In relation to the previous number, I was informed by my parents that my cousins told them that they were shocked when they saw my lip sync video because I was always the quiet one. Haha.


4. My love for bands/artists pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone.


Back in June 2011, I joined this contest hosted by Astroplus. Honestly, I didn’t know what I got myself into. I thought they were simply going to take a picture of me posing like Miley Cyrus, beside her standee, then the winners will be posted online. After a few hours, I got a call from some girl, telling me that I go I qualified for the finals. To be honest, I was quite confident that I’ll get in lol but then I didn’t completely understand that we are supposed to model and do a Q&A on stage! Gosh, I freaked out. You know me, I kinda was a shy girl, right? On a regular basis, I would’ve back out in the competition. I mean I hate public speaking and going in front of other people and stuff like that. And I definitely do not model and do some posing and stuff! But then I freakin’ love Miley Cyrus and I badly wanted to meet her. So I went for it! Sadly, I didn’t win but everything was totally worth it. I had an amazing experience and I met some cool girls who I now consider as my best concert buddies. (Props to my Speech class and professor too!)

5. If you wanted something but you didn’t get it, something better will always come.

As fangirls and fanboys, we have so many “wants” but we can’t get everything. Lately, there has been so many awesome shows in the country, that most of us had to choose just one or two, because of different reasons (not enough money, not allowed by parents, conflict with school, etc). I know that it’s heartbreaking when you don’t get to see some of your favorite bands. But rest assured, something better will always come. When that time comes, the pain you felt will somehow be eased or you’ll be thankful that you didn’t spend your money on the previous show, and more.

6. Don’t force yourself to get something more/better if you are already content with what you can get or what you already have.

Last year, I went to this band’s concert. I would’ve been okay with just a regular ticket, but I insisted on getting a VIP ticket because all of my friends will be in that section. I love the band though but not as much as my friends do,  not yet. I ended up getting so squished and all. I rarely thank security people (I know that they’re just doing their job but ehhh gives fans a chance please and some are just too strict!) and this is one of those moments. They saved me. After that I transferred to a farther section. That was a terrible experience for me and I literally cried about it for days. I had to refrain myself from using social networking sites because everyone would be talking about how much fun they had on the show. And once again, I felt insecure because of my height. But that was last year! Time to move on.

Also, we can’t have everything. There are times that we had to give up something before we get what we really want. That’s just how it goes and we have to accept that fact.

7. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

LIV5 is the bomb. The first time I heard about it, I wanted to attend at least 3 out of 4 shows. But then I thought that would be too much to ask. I asked my dad if he can ask for VIP tickets for the 1st and 2nd show from a friend of his friend (I wanted to attend the 1st show because it’s The Ready Set’s first show in 2012 and I want to be part of it, the 2nd show is because it’s the nearest to our home). I was quite confident that I’ll get tickets but then we were informed that the person couldn’t get us tickets to any show because there were lots of interested people too. My heart was shattered into pieces. I got the news the moment I woke up (I was awakened by the phone call) and I cried on my way to school and still cried to my fangirl friends on the phone and slept crying. I don’t have an A-Card but luckily I have a blockmate who has one, and she let me borrow it. But damn, I still wasn’t able to get tickets. I didn’t know how hard it was to call the mall hotline. By the time they answered my call (for the ATC show, the first one), there were no more tickets. I literally fall on my butt crying (I was home alone that time so I’m free to do so). I tried again for the Glorietta show but I failed. Then I tried for the TriNoma show and thankfully I got tickets, but I was calling them for like 2 freakin hours! I’m still sad and disappointed about this but hey, at least I got tickets… I got more and more depressed as the show dates get closer. I was about to ask my dad to ask for at least the normal stubs for the Glorietta show, but then he sent me a text message saying he got VIP tickets for that show. PRAISE THE LORD. The following day (I think) my dad told me that he also got VIP tickets for the TriNoma show. OH MY GOODNESS.


Then the first day of the show came. After going home from school I was surprised by this FB message saying that I won the contest! Yay! A Meet & Greet pass for TRS for the last show (Market! Market!) was offered to me BUT it wasn’t in my original plan to attend the last show and I “thought” it doesn’t come with a concert stub. So it was transferred to the TriNoma show. After like an hour or so (the show has already started) my dad called me saying that he was just informed that we also have tickets for the ATC show! HOLY CRAP. But then it was quite far and I still have school the next day. My mom didn’t agree but my dad was game. Without a doubt, I said yes. When we arrived, The Ready Set was down to his 3rd-4th to the last song. At least I got to see him that day! Wooo! So it was 3 consecutive days of LIV5. It should’ve been 4 days if only I agreed with the offer. I don’t really regret it that much because I already had the time of my life during the 3rd show at TriNoma (insane crowd + front row during TRS’ set + I met Jordan and he signed my shirt + I went home with an FTSK setlist and an ID from security), plus, my body already hurts and I have schoolwork to do.


In addition, I scored 5 autographed photos (1 from each band) from Alabang Town Center just by tweeting them a photo of me and a friend from the show! Yay!

(I hope you don’t think that I am bragging here. Just like the others, there were shows that I wanted to go to but I wasn’t able to.)

8. Think twice before buying things & tickets and keep an emergency wallet.

I used to spend a lot on things that I don’t need – some clothes, shoes, etc. I had a tendency to buy things just because I think it’s cute, glittery, or something. But now that I’m always saving up for concert tickets, whenever I see something cute inside the mall, I really think first before buying it (Will I be able to use this? Will this product be helpful to me? Is this allowed to be worn inside school? and stuff like that). I learned how to really save money. Also, for tickets, you have to choose carefully what section you’ll be getting and which shows you’ll be watching. Considering the amount of concerts here in Manila recently, I don’t really suggest seeing bands twice (or more) UNLESS you’re a huge fan or it’s a free show. I mean, you can save that money you have another band you haven’t seen. And since there are some shows which are officially announced just a month before the show itself, it’s important to have an emergency wallet which shall contain a minimum amount that is sufficient to buy a ticket.

9. Seize every opportunity.


The same bands and artists do not really come back every year, so when they go here, take every opportunity. If you’re lucky enough to meet them, take every picture you can, hug them as tight as you can, kiss them on their cheeks, tell them you love them, propose to them, and just do anything even if it sounds crazy because you just might never see them again…You just don’t know… They might break up (hopefully not) or one of the members might leave, and other horrible things… Even if the bouncers say no or make you go away, FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT!


10. Music inspires, heals, and unites people.

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always enjoyed listening to music (I was influenced by my big brother). At first, music was just a hobby for me. As I grew older, I started to understand the lyrics and appreciate it more.

Music has changed my life for the better. It literally helped during my darkest days. It inspired me to follow my heart, dream big, and believe in myself. It made me realize that things are always better when you look on the bright side. I don’t think I need to enumerate my experiences. Just listen to some songs with lyrics that make sense and you’ll get it. But if you want, here’s an example 🙂

It also struck me how music can bring people together.There’s just ‘something’ about the friendship I have with people who like the same bands/artists that I do. And it’s actually easy to make friends with them. And basically I’m just amazed by how strangers gather as one in a show – screaming, singing, dancing along to the same music :’)

11. Fight jealousy. Be happy for others.

If your friends, or even people you don’t know, get to meet your favorite artists, don’t be a jealous b*tch. Be happy for them, unless they act like one. At first I get jealous most of the time when I see photos of people with my favorite bands, but thank God that’s not the case anymore (although sometimes I still envy American fangirls). I’m not really sure how I was able to overcome this. It just happened. You may not have met some of your favorite bands but I promise you, you will have your moment. You’ll be a happier person if you learn how to get rid of jealousy! 🙂

12. Never underestimate the power of prayers.

He listens and He knows what’s best for you. Trust me.


That’s all 🙂


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  1. This is seriously the best thing I’ve ever read. Who said fangirling was a waste of time 😛

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