Love Is On Its Way

Last night, it was announced by Philippine Concerts that the Jonas Brothers will have their first ever concert here on October 19 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Their source was Philippine Daily Inquirer. (photo by JBPH)

I screamed inside the house and jumped up and down. Okay so you don’t have to know everything that happened after the announcement. Hahaha. Anyway, obviously I was freaking happy. And I got happier because some of my friends actually congratulated me :’)

(added photo:)

I got hyper as I started listening to JoBros songs on my iPod and I started dancing crazy inside my room. I thought I won’t be able to sleep because I was too excited. Then I realize, freaking out too much is quite tiring. Hahaha. I went to bed earlier than usual (but it was still late because I have an abnormal body clock). But as I lay in bed, I can’t help but imagine how things are going to be like next month, that it took me like around 2 more hours before I fell asleep.

The following day (today), I was still thinking about the same thing. I just can’t get it off my mind. I couldn’t erase the smile on my face. When afternoon came, I was left alone because my parents had to do some grocery shopping. What did I do? I watched my Jonas Brothers Concert DVD. I’ve seen this at the cinema years ago, and I’ve watched this dvd for n times. But this time, it’s different. I was literally in tears. Yes, literally. I was overwhelmed by the fact that I can finally get to see them after being a fan for soooo long, and the fact that they are THE Jonas Brothers, meaning they’re huge, and they’re coming to this country OMG.

I didn’t even think that it was possible. I remember telling myself around 5 years ago, “Someday I’ll go to America and watch one of their shows”, same case with Miley Cyrus and other Disney artists that I look up to. But then Miley Cyrus Live in Manila happened, then Joe Jonas Live in Manila happened, and now the Jonas Brothers themselves are finally coming here. Oh. my. god.

To whoever is producing their show in Manila, I love you but pleeeaaaase ‘BB Good’ to us and speak up already. I don’t care about the ticket prices. No matter how much it costs, I am determined to get a VIP ticket, no matter the consequences. I just want a 101% confirmation that they really are coming here. I hope the show will be produced by my favorite producer, Music Management International. I don’t have any connections with them but they bring the best shows ever. I will no longer explain why because this post will be too long if I did. Haha. Anyway… I know they will come here. Joe made a promise last May. I hope and pray that everything turns out not just fine, but awesome. Stoked!!!

Blog Title inspired by the song Love Is On Its Way – by Jonas Brothers


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