I La La Love The Cab

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Wallace’s Solo Debut Could Be One Of 2012’s Top Pop Records

“Push Rewind” is so far my favorite album this 2012! I am in love with every track!


Former White Tie Affair front man Chris Wallace could very well be one of pop music’s next big stars.  His debut solo release, “Push Rewind” is a record that any Top 40 pop fan and radio programmer would love.  The album instantly grabs audiences on its opener and lead single ‘Remember When (Push Rewind).’  Lyrically, this is a song about a broken relationship.  But the up-tempo beats and general positive vibe makes for a song that while being introspective, also offers hope, instead of being the standard oh-woe-is-me style song.  That juxtaposition of musical and lyrical content makes for a great first impression for Wallace on his solo debut.

That same positive vibe keeps audiences moving on ‘Keep Me Crazy.’  He sings in the song’s chorus, “Baby you’re a mess/But it’s meant to be/Cause you keep me crazy/Tell me you love me/Everything’s alright/Fifty-seven seconds later/Start a fight/Baby somehow/You’re the one…

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Why Can’t Concerts Last Forever?

I miss going to concerts.

I miss screaming my lungs out as soon as the band gets on stage.

I miss singing and dancing along with friends and strangers who like the same music that I do.

I miss fighting for guitar picks and drum sticks.

I miss hearing “What’s up Manila?!” and then everyone will be like AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I miss getting noticed by band dudes because of my signs.

I miss having eye contacts with band dudes.

I miss seeing other people wearing shirts of my favorite bands.

I miss walking around the venue then bumping to my online friends.

I miss the excitement I get before the concert that I couldn’t sleep well.

I miss how my arms and legs hurt after a concert.

I miss everything.

I MISS EVERYONE. Continue reading