You Turn The Temperature Hotter

For weeks, it has been ~rumored~ that the Jonas Brothers will have a concert soon in Manila.

Oh. My. Jonas. Well, it’s not yet 101% confirmed since there has been no ~`*official*`~ announcement yet but… I’m sure that the Philippines will be part of their tour. Why? Well, they’re gonna be in Australia and Asia soon, plus, there has been some hints from bloggers sooo… 😉

I freaked out when I found out about this, but it’s not as intense as I did when I found out about Miley Cyrus. I was caught completely off guard that time since I had no idea that she’s even coming to Asia, but this time, I’ve been feeling for quite long that the JoBros will step foot on this country.

Anyway, I just want to say that just by thinking about #JBinManila gets me emotional and literally teary-eyed. I just couldn’t believe this. After years of waiting, I finally get to see them (Their tours were ALWAYS only in America 😦 ). While listening to their songs, images just appear on my mind. I imagine how things would be like… you know, kinda like those in their DVDs and stuff. What a beautiful sight. I have no more words. I just… couldn’t explain this.

Mixed fangirl feelings :’)

Blog Title inspired by the song Burnin’ Up – by the Jonas Brothers


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