Dislike Facebook

I seriously dislike Facebook now. Yeah, I know that it’s fun and that it’s a great way to keep in touch with your family and friends. But what the hell? In my case, its main purpose now is schoolwork.

Since Facebook is kinda like the best way to connect with other people, students used Facebook Groups as a medium for groupwork. Gone are the days when groupmates used YM Conference. So, whenever I log in Facebook, I feel like I’m haunted by these group projects. Right now, even though I want to post something, I stop myself, because then people will find out that I am online (I’m always offline on chat) and then they might label me an irresponsible student or whatever. Okay, there are moments that I’m a bit of that but I never cross the line, if you know what I mean.

Just recently, I’ve been having troubles with some groupmates of mine. They rarely reply to my text messages. I assume they don’t have load, so it’s fine. BUT THEN. I kept on posting stuff on our FB group but they never replied. They only did at first. I assumed they don’t have internet connection because of the weather. I WAS WRONG. They are online. I see them liking posts and stuff. Goddammit. What the fuck is wrong with them? Okay, I should stop this now.

Another thing I hate: A LOT of school projects are now based on Facebook Likes. I’ve never been a fan of this liking thing, especially in contests. It’s like popularity over creativity. I’m glad there are some who gives importance of creativity more than the number of likes. I know that others do it for promotion, but uhhh c’mon. In addition, I’m quite sick of asking people to like my projects/contest entries, and I’m feeling that they are annoyed with it too. I wonder when this trend will end…or will it ever end? Hopefully.


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