You’re Never Too Young Or Too Old To Dream

I’ve always wanted to be a businesswoman since I was a kid. I’m actually now sure why. But when people ask, that’s what I always reply. It is only now that I’m in college that I realized, I want to be a fashion entrepreneur.

Just imagining and thinking about it gives me so much joy and inspiration. But then, I got held back for a little while. Why? It’s because of my observation, both in reality and in media, that most people have been dreaming about what they almost exactly want since their  childhood. To be honest, I was a bit discouraged, considering that I just recently discovered what I really want to do in the future. Therefore, I barely know things (types of fabric, how to sew, etc.) while the others have been working on their dreams for quite long now.

But then, I came across this video while I was browsing YouTube:

The lyrics are a m a z i n g .

“You’re never too young or too old to dream. You can make a fantasy into a reality ’cause you’re creating your own masterpiece “

This song totally got me back on my feet. And honestly, it’s the number one song that has really inspired me to chase my dreams.

Another thing, when I was a bit younger, I had this perception that I should be of a certain age (older) before I can achieve something. But I was wrong. I realized this when I met my friend Iza, my best concert buddy. She’s only a year older than me but hey, who says she can’t have her online shop already? She is such an inspiration! (The Style Prodigy & Vixen Clothing)

Other People/Shops I Admire: Urban Outfitters, Candie’s, Glamour Kills, 11:11 Apparel, Concert Weirdos, Jac Vanek, Marc Ecko

I will end this post with another inspiring song 🙂

“Follow the freeway, break the routine, ’cause everything is second to your dreams.”


Blog Title inspired by the song Work Of Art – by Demi Lovato (from Sonny With A Chance soundtrack)


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