I Will Love You Endlessly

Today marks the 8th year anniversary of the band dude love of my life, Jordan Mark Witzigreuter (a.k.a The Ready Set) and his girlfriend, Katelyn Gentry.

Well, actually, I’m one day late because of the time difference. Anywayyyy so I checked my twitter and Katelyn’s tweet appeared on my timeline. Major OUCH, as an avid fan. But of course, I am also very happy for both of them. I mean, 8 long years – that’s a milestone! Jordan is currently 22 years old, so that means he started dating Katelyn when he was only 14-15. Wow.

First, I just want to say that it’s one of the reasons why I love Jordan even more. Aside from his talent, personality, and looks, he is one loyal boyfriend. It has been years since Jordan took the stage as The Ready Set, and despite all the recognition and fame that he acquired through his hard work, plus the avid fangirls, he stuck to one. For me, that’s just unbelievable. I mean, come on, he’s a popular musician, and he’s always on tour! I don’t know much about the love stories of other band dudes, but I’ve observed that most of their relationships fail, and I assume that it’s basically because the guy is a rock star – you know, always writing music or on tour in different parts of the world (time and distance) and stuff like that. So I find Jordan and Katelyn’s relationship unique and amazing.

In most relationships, as I’ve observed in reality and on television, the guy is only romantic at first. One of my closest girl friends told me the same thing, but a close guy friend disagreed. Anyway, I’d like to point out that the Philippines and America have a big difference in terms of culture. American men have been undersold to me my entire life. I generalized everything I saw in movies and in TV shows. I’ve always thought that most of them are jerks. But then here goes Jordan. In my case, he did justice to American men. (But actually, Blake Healy, former keyboardist of Metro Station, was the first one who made me realize that my perception was wrong, but the impact on me is not as big as this). Jordan and Katelyn have been dating for 8 years and yet there is still that “thing”. I do NOT really know them, but I can kind of sense it. I’m not sure if “sense” is the right word but, yeah sometimes I can be a creep on the internet, and basically, I just know and feel that Jordan’s a sweet boyfriend. Aahhh. True love.

Confession: I’ve been in love (in a fangirl way) with lots of musicians and actors, but it’s Jordan Witzigreuter who made me fall deepest. First of all, I met him (and I fall deeper when I do). Second, personality counts this time (I  used to only go for looks and talent). How does it count? Well, it’s true that I personally don’t know him. But by just watching his random YouTube videos, his interviews, and reading his tweets (especially the Q&A ones), and sometimes even what most people are saying, gosh, you’ll learn a lot.

I really  really look up to this man. And someday, I hope that I’ll have my own Jordan.

Oh, and before I end this post, I would like to say that I also admire Katelyn. She has a popular boyfriend and yet she is able to keep it cool. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine myself in her shoes. I mean, if I had a boyfriend like Jordan and then fangirls always come to him, I imagine myself being like… UHMM BACK OFF?! Lol. So there.

I’m ending this post with a hilarious yet sensible video about fangirls. I actually have some more things on my mind but this video basically tells it. Enjoy!

Blog Title inspired by the song Endlessly – by The Cab


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