Don’t Stop Now

As I was scanning through my video files, I came across a folder containing old videos that I edited myself, using clips from my favorite tv shows, movies, and more.

Yup, video editing is one of my passions. I started it as a hobby one summer (I was in 5th or 6th grade). YouTube was almost new back then, and also Hero TV, a local anime channel (shows were dubbed in our language). That time, I got addicted to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. The first time I heard about it (or saw it), I really didn’t mind it. I thought it was a trashy anime because I thought it was all about card games. (As far as I remember, it was first aired on ABS-CBN). Exploring YouTube, I came across lots of AMVs (anime music videos) and I found a couple of really good YGO ones. Since it was summer, I really had nothing to do, so I kind of researched on how to do those kinds of videos, through internet search and actually asking other YouTube users. That was the first time I interacted with people who live outside my country. Coooool.

Anyway, I started with the said anime, using the classic Windows Movie Maker, the first version! Haha. Since it barely has effects and whatsoever, I started by using pictures and GIFs. The first slideshows and videos that I made are not that good but I’m really proud of my first creations! My first two videos were already removed from YouTube due to ~copyright infringement~ (Sigh, this started when Google bought YouTube and then they kept on suspending people. I wonder where most of my online friends are now… I still don’t understand why they do it. I mean I understand that the actual videos and songs are owned by someone else, but we’re just editing them for fun and as if we’re making profit out of it. Psshhh. Yes, I’m still bitter. Anywayyyy..) Here’s my first ever real AMV. I made this 6 years ago! Whoa!

After some time, I managed to get Windows Movie Maker 2.0! Finally it has cool effects and transitions and stuff! Therefore, I made way better videos. When I was still into YGO, I made different videos but I focused on my favorite couple from Season 5, Priest Seto & Kisara (past lives of Seto Kaiba & the Blue Eyes White Dragon). My favorite video of them is already blocked worldwide (sucks, I was inspired by this Final Fantasy X video that I found back then), but here’s my second favorite!

Forever Yours – Seto & Kisara

It’s a dramatic video. Lol. I also made fun videos using other characters. My most popular one is called “Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy Girls of Yu-Gi-Oh!“. It has the most views and most comments. Unfortunately, it was removed. Oh well.

I just can’t publish this post without putting this video. I really love this one!!!

End Of All Hope ~ Fear The Lord of Darkness

Oh, and did I mention, I met a lot of really cool girls from different parts of the world! It was soooo fun. I loved talking to them, especially because we have almost the same interests, and we’re almost the same age also! I love online friends! I also find it cute how we used to dedicate videos each other and sometimes we also create a birthday video for each other! Loveee! (But then YouTube started suspending people because of ~copyright infringement~ so yeah I don’t know where most of them are now. But I still have connection to few, after all these years! P.S. I’m still bitter with YouTube because REASONS)

As time passed, I got addicted to Disney shows such as The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and I started making videos about my new favorite shows!

Here’s another masterpiece! I ship Zack & Maddie. They are too cute! Suite Thang! Hihi 🙂

Hey Maddie!

I actually won some girl’s online contest. Lol 🙂 During this time I discovered an effect that I can make. I actually used Adobe Photoshop together with WMM 🙂

But here’s another one that I’m really proud of. It’s my first video that actually has a story line, and in some parts I didn’t delete the audio part of the video itself. And and!!! I actually got permission to use this song, from Savannah Outen herself! How awesome is that? She started by uploading covers (She got my attention because she covers my favorite songs plus she’s really good) and then she got discovered by an agent. Check her out!

During this time, I was in 2nd year high school. Part of our project in Biology is to hold a symposium about global warming. I downloaded various clips from YouTube and edited and put them together in one video, using the remix version of Requiem for a Dream (I was inspired by a YGO trailer-ish video that I’ve seen before).

I have to say that this video is one of those that I’m most proud of. It was shown to the entire(?) 2nd year student population during the symposium. And after that, our teacher, who was also there, got everyone’s attention and asked who made the video. My classmates said my name. And then, with an amazed look, she clapped her hands (I can never forget her reaction) and everyone followed. Looking back, I can say that it was one of the happiest moments of my life. Even after event, it was replayed a couple of times (I couldn’t remember when) and then some of my teachers actually asked for a copy! Awww. So much joy :’)

(In addition, I think that music is a great choice when you are suppose to edit a video about problems in the society and the like. I used to same video for a project in Political Science just few months ago and well, my professor also asked for a copy^^ I didn’t want to upload it because it’s about the government. Lol)

Moving on, I became more in love with video-editing that I installed a professional software, Sony Vegas. The first time I opened it…oh my god I literally got a headache. It’s so advanced and it has LOTS of stuff on it compared to WMM. But then I was determined to learn how to use it. It took some time but I got through it! I learned a lot of really cool stuff, through tutorials, experiments and by accidents (for example I pressed this button, and then that happens, lol). But then, I can’t really say that I’m already a pro. I still have so much to learn.

By this time, I was addicted to the movie The Chronicles of Narnia. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE 3 NARNIA VIDS THAT I MADE WITH SONY VEGAS THEY ARE PERF. I know it’s hard to believe and it’s quite weird that I’m actually praising my own work but I just can’t help it. They are products of my hardwork, effort and creativity.

This video is what I consider my top masterpiece: This Is War

Here’s the next one, another dramatic video: Aslan’s Death

If you notice, I put a watermark on the video. It’s because by the time I was making this, there has been “video-stealing” happening on YouTube. And btw, here’s my first ever creation using Sony Vegas. The quality is not as good as the newer ones because I still haven’t figured out the settings and stuff. But well, I was already able to use the new effects that I just learned! I actually uploaded it the same day as William Moseley‘s birthday! (He plays High King Peter Pevensie)  Here it is: Papercut

After some time, I made an attempt to create a trailer video. This is the first time that I used the whish/whoosh sound effects and the like, and the first time I did some overlaying with some animated objects like the sparkles and stuff. I’m so happy that I got noticed! Mason Musso retweeted me! (I think I flooded him a little bit tho haha) and then his little brother Mitchel tweeted about this, saying that Mason has some really cool fans and people should check out the video! YAY! And I just want to say that I was overwhelmed by my fellow fangirls who tweeted Mason about this, and for their wonderful comments!

(This is quite a mistake though. After Metro Station‘s break up, we were informed that Mason will have a solo music career, so I used “Solo Music” in the video. But just a couple of months ago, it was announced that he’ll be using the same band name, and will have two new members. But still! :D)

Unfortunately, as time passed even more, I started to become very busy with school that I kind of stopped with this hobby. Actually, I still got some unfinished projects here and it has been in my laptop for years 😦 I find myself only doing this only when I need to, for school projects. If you look at my YouTube channel, what you’ll find on my recently uploaded videos are all concert videos. To be honest, I “almost” forgot about how I loved editing videos…until one time I started to watch some of the videos I edited and again I felt that joy and that satisfaction. Gosh. I really really really miss doing this. But I promise myself, when I get enough free time, I will continue this passion of mine – finish my other projects, learn new techniques, and improve my skills!

Before I forget! The last time I did a major project was when I joined Music Management International‘s Meet & Greet contest for my favorite band, The Ready Set. I was one of the winners!!!! Dream come true!!!!!!

It was the first time I made something like this! First of all, it was only THIS time that I discovered that text effect (first part) in the program I’ve been using for years. Hahaha! Well, I don’t really know what this type of video is called, like there’s just one background and I’m moving. Previously, I actually already have an idea how to create this kind of video but this is the first time that I actually tried doing it. It was a little bit fail because of the lighting, but I think I did a great job in this! Aaahhh! I met Jordan Witzigreuter!!! <333333

Anyway, my current mission/goal right now is to learn Kinetic Typography. However, based on my observation/research, Adobe After Effects is a better program for this. I haven’t installed that program yet but I am hoping that, having a background on how to use Sony Vegas, I wouldn’t have much difficulty exploring this new program. I want to create something like this: The Ready Set: Love Like Woe Lyric Video

I am really amazed by this video. The first time I saw this I was like WOW and I kept on clicking replay. It’s nothing I’ve ever seen before. (This is the song that made my fall in love with TRS). Now, I think lyric videos are the trend for new songs, plus I really want to learn how to make one! 🙂

Oh, and I just want to say that up until now, I still receive great comments from my works, even those posted 6 years ago! I feel so happy and satisfied whenever I read nice comments 🙂 To date, I have 675 subscribers! Yay!

Check me out on YouTube!

Aside from my dream/goal of being a fashion entrepreneur, I also want to be a professional video editor someday! 🙂

Blog Title inspired by the song Don’t Stop Now – by The Maine


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