Andy John Broke My Little Heart

I was saddened by the news today.

Andrew John “Andy” Snyder, touring bassist of my favorite band The Ready Set, has announced that he’ll be leaving soon, specifically after their Canadian shows.

“I’ve recently felt that it is time to start a new chapter for me, myself, and I.”

“So, I’m writing this to let all of the incredible GIANTS out there that my time with TRS is up.”

“Have I decided to walk away from the possibility of touring forever? Absolutely not, but I’m going to pursue and focus on other big interests in my life. “

Read his complete message here.

I completely understand that he wanted to do other things. It’s just that, I was really looking forward to meeting him when TRS comes back. When they were here last February, I attended 2.5 shows (I was late in one show), and before the series of shows, I already saw them, but I didn’t get the chance to go anywhere near Andy because of the fucking bouncers. I was only able to get near Jordan, Christian, and Deryck. Yes, I’m bitter. Now I’m starting to regret (again) some things that I did and didn’t do during the LIV5 era. This is depressing. Anyway, I still hope and pray that someday…someday, I’ll get to really meet  Mr. AJ Fresh. (I also want to Keegan too, he left TRS last year 😦 )

I can never forget his facial reaction when he saw my sign during the LIV5 show. I was in the front row, middle (left) and my dad was behind me (he witnessed how Andy saw my sign too lol) And, well, I used the same sign during the Glorietta show which is a day before (Yes, I made signs for every member) and then Jordan tweeted about it :”> Yeahhhhh 🙂

Well, looking on the bright side, I’m fortunate enough to have seen him play. But I really really really hope, wish, and pray, that I get to meet him.

I love you, Andy!

Oh, btw, I found this photo:

I was the one at the farthest right. Hahaha. Uhhhmm at least I got a photo? LOL.

Blog Title inspired by the song Break Your Little Heart – by All Time Low


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