Oh Sweet Perfection, Won’t You Hear My One Confession?

Remember the first time I heard a preview of some of the tracks back then, and then said I hate the album? I take it back.

The main reason why I didn’t like the new album is because Never Shout Never (which is now a full-band) changed sound. If you’re familiar with their previous songs, you can clearly distinguish the difference.

The band’s previous songs mostly has this feel which can make you feel good or just plain happy. Songs about crushing on someone, about life, about Christofer Drew himself (who was the only member back then, the touring band members were referred to as “The Shout“), about dreams, and more. Something you can casually listen to anytime and anywhere you want. In his previous records, there are also some sad or serious songs but they are mostly composed of songs that can make you dance, snap your fingers, tap whatever, etc. Some of my  favorites include:

Anyway, most people would say that CDrew “matured” on the new record. I would agree with this. The lyrics are quite deeper compared to what he used to write. I just don’t really like the fact that every song is just sad or serious. I mean, it’s the type I would listen to when I’m alone in my room or something like that. There’s just nothing to dance to.

After giving the album another try (I listened to the entire record) I learned to like some of the songs. And after listening more, I started to quite like the other songs too. My favorite would be “Simplistic Trance-Like Getaway” not only because of its beautiful lyrics but because it gives me this peaceful and relaxing feeling (like The Ready Set’s “Notions”). My second favorite is “Awful” which is the most upbeat. I like how this song was written plus I can relate to it. To be honest, those two previous songs, plus “Time Travel” are the three songs that I really like.

Here’s the lyric video of Simplistic Trance-Like Getaway:

I’m not really that updated with this band, like I don’t really watch interviews and stuff, but I heard from a friend that in CDrew’s previous interviews (I assume it was when he was writing this record) that he was sad. But now he’s happy again, so I’m hoping that the next album “Indigo” which is set to be released later this year will have that sound that made me fall in love with the band. Plus, I’ve heard a new song which is called “Small Town Girl” and yup it does have that kind of vibes. Fingers crossed!

Blog Title inspired by the song Sweet Perfection – by Never Shout Never


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