Sex On The Radio

Last week, I was very surprised when I found out (from a friend of mine, a fellow “giant”) that The Ready Set‘s latest single Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) is already playing on the Philippine radio. She heard it on Monster Radio RX93.1. Awesome, right? Then I tweeted one of the junior jocks of the said station and she confirmed that the song is already on their playlist.

However, just last night, I found out that the single is not yet being played on the US radio! Weird!

(Side story: Yay! I finally got a reply from Mommy Cindy! Haha. Well, a lot of my tweets are already in her favorites but this is the first time she replied to me 🙂 Scrap that. I just remembered she replied to me way back during the post-LIV5 era. That was when I didn’t know that she was Jordy’s mommy. Haha. I tweeted @TeamJwitz a video of Jordan advertising the Ayala Malls 360 app which was played before one of the shows and she said “aw”. Haha.)

Anyway, I’m still so puzzled. I mean, the Philippines is almost always the last but, wow, we’re the first in this one? Amazing but I’m quite bothered.

Okay, to be honest, I rarely listen to the radio. I prefer listening to my iPod wherein I get to choose the songs I want  to hear. Plus, I’m annoyed with all the talking they do on the radio, especially the where kids say stuff on repeat, ugh! But then I think it’s really cool that radio stations nowadays play non-mainstream music 🙂

Blog Title inspired by the song Sex On The Radio – by Good Charlotte

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