You Appear Just Like A Dream To Me

I’ve been to a number of concerts, but I have two extraordinary experiences. The first one is Miley Cyrus Live @ Mall of Asia Concert Grounds & the other one is Joe Jonas Live @ Ayala Malls

To be honest, these shows are not even in my top 3 favorite concerts. But oh my god in both shows, I felt like I was dreaming. I don’t really know how to properly describe my experience but, it’s like it wasn’t real. In other words, it’s too good to be true. I know that they’re real and they’re standing in front of me and oh my god they were so freaking close to me but seriously the feeling I got during these two shows is VERY different from what I usually feel during concerts. I usually get so high and you know, I was all out with all those screaming and jumping and stuff, but with these two, it’s like most of the time while watching, I was like “Is this real? Is this real? Is this real?”

I mean, who would have thought that Queen Cyrus and a Jonas Brother would come to the Philippines?!?! Plus the fact that the Philippines is the only Asian stop of Miley’s Gypsy Heart Tour, and Joe only went here for the Philippine Fashion Week (he’s not really on tour or whatever). and I never dreamed this would happen. I used to think for myself that someday I will go to America and watch their shows. But then, they actually came here. Wow. Just wow.

Music Management International really does make the impossible possible. So much love for MMI. Many thanks to Ayala Malls and Bench too! And of course everyone who made these shows possible, and also God! 🙂

Blog Title inspired by the song When I Look At You – by Miley Cyrus


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