She’s In The Front Row

More than a year ago, I became a huge fan of Never Shout Never. When I get so addicted with a certain band or musician, I usually dig them on YouTube. Aside from music videos, I watch their live performances and interviews. I came across NSN’s performance (in the US) of Love Is Our Weapon on YouTube (which was taken down, unfortunately). I thought to myself, wow this is such a great show – the stage isn’t as far from the barricade, like the people in front were very close to the band. Never have I imagined that it would actually happen to me, considering the security here in the Philippines, especially the fact that in most concerts, the first row is already a bit far from the stage itself.

I experience this set up last May, during We The Kings‘ show at Hard Rock Cafe. I was a VIP ticket holder, so I met the band before the show, and we were let in the venue first. I managed to get to the front row during WTK’s set. And gosh I was SO CLOSE to the band – so close that, if the band members go to the edge of the stage, I can reach them if I step on this bar thing at the bottom of the barricade and extend my arms. I was able to touch Hunter and Charles a couple of times. Unexpected and breathtaking things happened to me during that show. It’s not the typical show that I go to. I admit that in terms of the show itself, I didn’t have the kind of fun that I used to always have (I think it’s because I’m in the front row, it’s different there, not sure how to explain it) but in terms of band interaction, A+++!

Read more about my WTK experience here 🙂

Blog Title inspired by the song Shout It – by Mitchel Musso


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